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Corpus Christi, Covent Garden (Roman Catholic)

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Set below road level, close to the Piazza area. Designed 1873-74 by F.H. Pownall. It was undergoing east end restoration in October 2016 when the images at the foot of this set with scaffolding were taken. The latest images from April 2018 show the completed work, including the exposed brickwork of the nave.

covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_15  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_14
 covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_2  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_7
 covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_12  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_5
 covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_1  covent_garden_corpus_christi300916_

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