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St George’s Cathedral (former Christ Church), Albany Street, Regents Park (Antiochian Orthodox)

Built as Christ Church for Anglicans in 1836-37 by James Pennethorne. The chancel was added by R.C. Carpenter in 1843. It is now leased to the Antiochian Orthodox church, which is the Orthodox church for  Middle Eastern states such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. There is much Clayton and Bell glass, plus one early Morris window designed by Rossetti. many of the furnishings such as the font, pulpit and high altar were designed by William Butterfield.

euston_st_george_greek_orthodox191214_3  regents_park_st_george_antiochian_cathedral010312_
 euston_st_george_greek_orthodox191214_5  euston_st_george_greek_orthodox191214_
 euston_st_george_greek_orthodox191214_7  euston_st_george_greek_orthodox191214_4

St Katherine, Danish Church (Lutheran)

Built in 1826 by Ambrose Poynter as the chapel of St Katherine’s Hospital.

regents_park_st_katherines_danish-church060513_1  regents_park_st_katherines_danish-church060513_
  regents_park_danish_church101214_2  regents_park_danish_church101214_3
 regents_park_danish_church101214_1  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_2
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_15  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_16
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_10  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_9
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_8  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_7
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_6  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_4

St Mark, St Mark’s Square, Regents Park

Near the Regent’s Canal and the Zoo a church by Thomas Little of 1851-52, to which Blomfield added a chancel  in 1890, however war damage meant that the roofs and east wall were by A.P. Knapp-Fisher and date from 1957. There are  Ninian Comper altarpieces and stained glass that were added after the war, replacing damaged items by the same artist.

regents_park_st_mark191214_1    regents_park_st_mark191214_4
 regents_park_st_mark191214_5  regents_park_st_mark191214_2