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St Katherine, Danish Church (Lutheran)

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Built in 1826 by Ambrose Poynter as the chapel of St Katherine’s Hospital.

regents_park_st_katherines_danish-church060513_1  regents_park_st_katherines_danish-church060513_
  regents_park_danish_church101214_2  regents_park_danish_church101214_3
 regents_park_danish_church101214_1  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_2
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_15  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_16
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_10  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_9
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_8  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_7
 regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_6  regents_park_st_katherine_danish191214_4

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