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Russian Orthodox Church (former), Marylebone Mews/Welbeck Street, Marylebone

32 Welbeck Street was once the Russian Embassy in London and contained a chapel. In 1865 or 1872 or 1876 James Thomson added this chapel at the rear of the building facing onto the narrow Marylebone Mews. It closed in 1922 but has been restored and a prayer service was held in 2016 when Patriarch Kirill visited London.

Swedish Church, Harcourt Road, St Marylebone

Forming part of the street front, this is a building of 1910 by Axel Haig. The church is up a flight of steps on the first floor. The font, pulpit and reredos came from a previous 18th century building in Wapping.


St Paul, Rossmore Road, St Marylebone

Part of the street front of this road north of St Marylebone station. It was designed by J.W. Higgins and built in 1838. The interior has been subdivided and the galleries removed. The worship space is part of the nave and the sanctuary area.

westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_ westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_2
 westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_3  westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_4

Holy Trinity (former), Marylebone Road, St Marylebone

Opposite Great Portland Street station.The church was designed 1826-28 by Sir John Soane. Redundant as a church from the 1930s it was used as a book storage facility and then until 2006 it was SPCK offices but has now been converted to an event venue called Number 1 Marylebone with the galleries separated off from the body of the church. The nave area is sometimes used by the evangelical Commonwealth Church.

marylebone_road_holy_trinity151112_3 marylebone_road_holy_trinity151112_1

St Cyprian, Clarence Gate, St Marylebone

A major early work by Sir Ninian Comper near Marylebone Station. Consecration was in 1903 and furnishings were added up to the 1940s.


Our Lady of the Rosary, Old Marylebone Road, Marylebone (Roman Catholic)

A large church fronting onto Old Marylebone Road and designed by Harry S. Goodhart-Rendell in 1963. It was completed, after Goodhart-Rendell’s death, by  F. G. Broadbent & Partners.


St Mary, Marylebone Parish Church, Marylebone Road

Facing Marylebone Road and built by Thomas Hardwick 1813-17. Apse added 1883 by Thomas Harris

        st_marylebone_parish_church160116_17  st_marylebone_parish church151112_6
 st_marylebone_parish church151112_2     marylebone_st_marylebone101214_17
 marylebone_st_marylebone101214_14  marylebone_st_marylebone101214_2
 st_marylebone_parish_church160116_3  st_marylebone_parish_church160116_8
 marylebone_st_marylebone101214_7  st_marylebone_parish_church160116_5
 marylebone_st_marylebone101214_11  marylebone_st_marylebone101214_15
 marylebone_st_marylebone101214_10  marylebone_st_marylebone101214_12
 marylebone_st_marylebone101214_18  marylebone_st_marylebone101214_20
 marylebone_st_marylebone101214_22  st_marylebone_parish_church160116_7

St Mary, Bryanston Square

It sits facing Bryanston Square but the interior is at right angles to the portico It was designed by Robert Smirke 1821-23. The interior can be seen through glass doors hence any reflections visible in the interior shots. The shots with a white east end and screens are from 2014, those without are from 2018.

 st_mary_bryanston_sq151204  st_marylebone_bryanston_square_st_mary151112_2
 st_marylebone_bryanston_square_st_mary151112_  st_marylebone_bryanston_square_st_mary151112_1

St James, Spanish Place, St Marylebone (Roman Catholic)

One of London’s largest Roman Catholic Churches. Designed by Edward Goldie in 1885 and the east end completed in 1890 and the western end in 1914-18.

St_james_rc_spanish_place151204c      st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_5
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_14  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_12
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_11  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_9
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_7  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_6
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_3  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_1
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_2  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_