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St Paul, Rossmore Road, St Marylebone

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Part of the street front of this road north of St Marylebone station. It was designed by J.W. Higgins and built in 1838. The interior has been subdivided and the galleries removed. The worship space is part of the nave and the sanctuary area.

westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_ westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_2
 westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_3  westminster_st_paul_rossmore_road020415_4

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  1. Susan says:

    I was born and brought up in the house adjacent to St Paul’s church. Our house was built next the church wall and the bell tower in the picture could be seen from our courtyard. I remember the vicar in the 1950’s was Rev Fisher – he was a friend of my family, although we never attended church! One time in the early 1960’s it was decided to ring the church bell – as it had not been rung for some years there was a deluge of debris falling from the church tower into our yard. Sometimes, late in the evening the organist could be heard practising – it was quite eerie to hear this from our living room.

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