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Holy Redeemer, Churchmore Road/Streatham Vale, Streatham

A church of 1931-32 by Martin Travers and T.F.W. Grant. The church has been out of use since 2007 and worship transferred to the nearby church hall. This dates from 1928 and is by Sir Charles Nicholson. There are plans to refurbish the church.

streatham_holy_redeemer161214_1 streatham_holy_redeemer161214_9
 streatham_holy_redeemer161214_6  streatham_holy_redeemer161214_4
 streatham_holy_redeemer161214_5  streatham_holy_redeemer161214_10

Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham High Road

The tower remains from a Benjamin Ferrey church of 1864, but the current worship area replaced the rest in 1989, its architect was Nigel Melluish. The street frontage is an earlier church hall.

streatham_immanuel_st_andrew161214_ streatham_immanuel_st_andrew161214_2

St Leonard, Streatham

On the Junction of Streatham High Road and Mitcham Lane. The nave is of 1830-31 by J.T. Parkinson, the chancel rebuilt by William Dyce in 1863, the tower in its lower parts medieval, upper part and spire 1841. A fire in 1975 badly damaged the church and it was reconstructed in 1975-77 by the Douglas Feast partnership

           streatham_st_leonard051214_23  streatham_st_leonard051214_24
 streatham_st_leonard051214_25  streatham_st_leonard161214_
 streatham_st_leonard051214_13  streatham_st_leonard051214_10
 streatham_st_leonard051214_11  streatham_st_leonard051214_7
 streatham_st_leonard051214_16  streatham_st_leonard051214_18
 streatham_st_leonard051214_17  streatham_st_leonard051214_4
 streatham_st_leonard051214_  streatham_st_leonard051214_1

Church of the English Martyrs, Mitcham Lane, Streatham (Roman Catholic)

Opposite St Leonard. It was built in 1892, its architect Alfred.E. Purdie. A transeptal chapel was added in 1962-65 and designed by Thomas Sibthorp.

  streatham_english_martyrs161214_3  streatham_english martyrs051214_19
 streatham_english_martyrs161214_  streatham_english_martyrs161214_5

All Saints (former), Sunnyhill Road, Streatham now Refuge Temple (Church of our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc)

A chapel of ease to St Leonard, a little way north of it, jus off Streatham High Road. It was built around 1897, closed in 1953 as a church and was sold in 1968. It is now the pentecostal Refuge Chapel.

streatham_all_saints_former051214_  streatham_all_saints_former051214_1
 streatham_all_saints_former051214_2  streatham_all_saints_former051214_3