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St Leonard, Streatham

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On the Junction of Streatham High Road and Mitcham Lane. The nave is of 1830-31 by J.T. Parkinson, the chancel rebuilt by William Dyce in 1863, the tower in its lower parts medieval, upper part and spire 1841. A fire in 1975 badly damaged the church and it was reconstructed in 1975-77 by the Douglas Feast partnership

           streatham_st_leonard051214_23  streatham_st_leonard051214_24
 streatham_st_leonard051214_25  streatham_st_leonard161214_
 streatham_st_leonard051214_13  streatham_st_leonard051214_10
 streatham_st_leonard051214_11  streatham_st_leonard051214_7
 streatham_st_leonard051214_16  streatham_st_leonard051214_18
 streatham_st_leonard051214_17  streatham_st_leonard051214_4
 streatham_st_leonard051214_  streatham_st_leonard051214_1

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