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Holy Trinity, Southend Crescent, Eltham

Southeast of the town centre, a church of 1868-1869 by G.E Street. Arthur Blomfield & Sons added an east window, nave west end and south chapel in 1909. There is a mixture of mid 20th century Powells glass and early 20th century Kempe glass.

St Michael, South Grove, Highgate

A church of 1831-32 by Lewis Vulliamy, it replaced a chapel of ease and was built on the site of the demolished Ashurst House. In 1878 a chancel was added by G.E. Street. The east window glass of 1954 by Evie Hone replaces a war-damaged Kempe window, whose remains are now in the north chapel east window. The reredos and the redecoration of the sanctuary are by Temple Moore in 1903. There are a few 18th-century monuments from the old chapel.


All Saints, Lower Common, Putney

About a mile west of the High Street and surrounded on three sides by the Common. It is by G.E. Street, dating from 1873-74 Inside, all the glass, bar two windows is by Morris & Co, and it dates from the 1870s up to the 1930s. 

Guard’s Chapel, Birdcage Walk, Westminster

Part of Wellington barracks just south of St James Park. The building dates from 1961-63 and was designed by Bruce George. At its east end it incorporates an apse by G.E. Street (1877-79) that remains from the bombing of the previous building in 1944. The brown brick cloister is by H.S. Goodhart-Rendell dates from 1954-55.

westminster_guards_chapel020415_  westminster_guards_chapel020415_1
 westminster_guards_chapel020415_3  westminster_guards_chapel020415_4
   westminster_guards_chapel230316_3  westminster_guards_chapel230316_2
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_27  westminster_guards_chapel230316_26
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_17  westminster_guards_chapel230316_6
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_15  westminster_guards_chapel230316_1
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_19  westminster_guards_chapel230316_4
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_3  westminster_guards_chapel230316_20
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_11  westminster_guards_chapel230316_9
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_12  westminster_guards_chapel230316_16
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_7  westminster_guards_chapel230316_10
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_13  westminster_guards_chapel230316_24
 westminster_guards_chapel230316_23  westminster_guards_chapel230316_21

St Luke, West Norwood

On a prominent sloping site above the town centre. The church (one of the Waterloo churches) is by Francis Bedford, 1822. A chancel (now blocked off) and arcades were added by G.E. Street in 1872-73.

               west_norwood_st_luke161214_26  west_norwood_st_luke161214_33
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_38 west_norwood_st_luke161214_36
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_23  west_norwood_st_luke161214_13
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_14  west_norwood_st_luke161214_3
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_2  west_norwood_st_luke161214_11
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_20  west_norwood_st_luke161214_9
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_8  west_norwood_st_luke161214_7
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_12  west_norwood_st_luke161214_5
 west_norwood_st_luke161214_10  west_norwood_st_luke161214_4

St Paul, Herne Hill

The original church of 1843-44 by G. Alexander was rebuilt after a fire by G.E. Street in 1858. Inside the west end has been screened off using the former rood screen, a WW1 memorial, and a full height glass partition to form a hall area and a number of smaller rooms.

  herne_hill_st_paul161214_4  herne_hill_st_paul161214_1
 herne_hill_st_paul161214_5  herne_hill_st_paul161214_

St John the Divine, Vassall Road, Kennington

A landmark a few 100 metres off Brixton Road. It is by G.E. Street 1870-74 with the spire completed 1888-89 under A.E. Street. Internal decoration by G.F. Bodley was added in 1890-92. It was restored, following war damage, by H.S. Goodhart-Rendel in 1955-58

kennington_st_john_the_divine291114_1  kennington_st_john_the_divine291114_5
 kennington_st_john_the_divine291114_13  kennington_st_john_the_divine291114_21
 kennington_st_john_the_divine291114_19  kennington_st_john_the_divine291114_8
 kennington_st_john_the_divine291114_9  kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_8
 kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_32  kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_2
 kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_1  kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_10
 kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_11  kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_12
 kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_6  kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_26
 kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_27  kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_28
 kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_29  kennington_st_john_the_divine051214_36

Christ Church, Union Grove, Clapham

A church of 1861-62 by Benjamin Ferrey. The chancel was furnished and decorated in 1867 by G.E. Street. Much of this has been lost but there have been some recent moves to reinstate some of the 19th century decoration.

clapham_christ_church131114_1 clapham_christ_church131114_2
 clapham_christ_church131114_3  clapham_christ_church131114_5

St James, Sussex Gardens, Paddington

The bulk of the church is by G.E, Street 1881-82 but the chancel of a church by Goldicutt & Gutch from 1841-43 was used as the west end of the new church.


St James the Less, Pimlico

G.E. Street’s first London church (1860-61), south of Victoria Station and surrounded by the Churchill gardens estate. The interior features much notched brickwork, Clayton & Bell glass, a highly decorated chancel and a mosaic replacing a fresco by G.F. Watts over the chancel arch.

victoria_st_james_the_less060112_2  victoria_st_james_the_less060112_
 pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_5  pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_10
 pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_2  pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_3
 pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_4  pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_9
 victoria_st_james_the_less060112_3  pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_12
 pimlico_st_james_the_less090212_11       pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_16
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_21  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_22
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_17  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_18
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_12  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_15
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_14  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_13
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_39  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_40
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_43  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_20
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_41  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_37
 pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_5  pimlico_st_james_the_less200914_25