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Our Lady of Reparation, Wellesley Road, Croydon (Roman Catholic)

Near West Croydon station, this church was originally designed in 1864 by E.W. Pugin but is now largely by F.A. Walters from 1883.

St Gertrude, Purley Road, South Croydon (Roman Catholic)

Sitting at the end of a narrow street towards Sanderstead this church was designed by F.A. Walters and constructed in 1903, it has had both an eastwards extension (1922-23 by S. Bartlett) and a westwards one in 1935 by E.J. Walters.

St Peter,Woolwich New Road, Woolwich (Roman Catholic)

On the south edge of Woolwich town centre, this is a church of 1842 by A.W.N. Pugin. The chancel and north-east chapel were added in 1887-1889 by F.A. Walters. It has been much refurbished inside with an extended narthex and in an interesting mint green colour scheme.

Most Precious Blood, O’Meara Street, Southwark (Roman Catholic)

Overshadowed by railway arches this is a church of 1891-91 by F.A. Walters.  The lower set of images shows the church during restoration in December 2018.

December 2018

St Wilfrid, Lorrimore Road, Kennington Park (Roman Catholic)

Only the entrance end faces the street. The church dates from 1915 and is by F.A. Walters.


St Anthony of Padua, Genoa Road, Anerley (Roman Catholic)

A small back street church of 1925-27 by F.A. Walters.


Sacred Heart, Trott Street, Battersea (Roman Catholic)

In the older part of Battersea towards the river, but hidden away in housing. The church is by F.A. Walters from 1892 with a modern extension with halls and offices overlooking a garden.

  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_47 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_49
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_3  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_1
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_5  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_48
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_36  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_35
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_45  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_40
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_6  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_8
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_11  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_10
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_19  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_26
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_15  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_30
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_12  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_9
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_23  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_24
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_42  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_37
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_39  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_16
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_21  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_27

St Joseph, Roehampton Lane, Roehampton (Roman Catholic)

A short way north of the Anglican Holy Trinity, this is a church of 1881 by F.A. Walters, with an extension at the east end of 1958 and a presbytery, porch and baptistery added in 1963 by Tomei and Maxwell. A major reordering moved the sanctuary to under the crossing while a new hall was added to the south between 1998 and 2000.

roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_31  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_34
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_29  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_1
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_3  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_4
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_5  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_13
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_7  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_12
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_18  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_23
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_21  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_20
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_11  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_8
 roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_17  roehampton_st_joseph_rc141216_27

Our Lady of Pity and St Simon Stock, Hazlewell Road, Putney

Built in 1906 and designed by J.C. Radford, with the sanctuary, Lady Chapel and sacristy added in 1936 to designs by F.A. Walters and Son.

St Elizabeth of Portugal, The Vineyard, Richmond (Roman Catholic)

Behind the town centre, a church of 1822-24, attributed to Philip Hardwick to which F.A. Walters added a chancel, tower and presbytery in 1903.

richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_16 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_
 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_1  richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_2
 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_7  richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_3
 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_15  richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_14
 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_11  richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_13
 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_12  richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_10
 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_8  richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_9
 richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_5  richmond_st_elizabeth_rc201016_6