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Holy Trinity, West Hill, Wandsworth

Way out of the town centre on the way to Putney Heath. The church is of 1863 and by J.M.K. Hahn with a spire of 1888 added by George Patrick.

wandsworth_holy_trinity170117_9 wandsworth_holy_trinity170117_6
wandsworth_holy_trinity170117_3  wandsworth_holy_trinity170117_1

All Saints, Wandsworth High Street

The town centre parish church. The tower is of 1630, extended with an extra story in 1841. The church is a rebuilding of 1779-80 by William Jupp, with a chancel and nave roof added by E.W. Mountford in 1899-1900.

wandsworth_all_saints170117_49  wandsworth_all_saints170117_46
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_44  wandsworth_all_saints170117_42
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_48  wandsworth_all_saints170117_
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_2  wandsworth_all_saints170117_5
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_16  wandsworth_all_saints170117_26
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_23  wandsworth_all_saints170117_35
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_33  wandsworth_all_saints170117_3
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_8  wandsworth_all_saints170117_7
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_37  wandsworth_all_saints170117_38
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_41  wandsworth_all_saints170117_21
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_32  wandsworth_all_saints170117_9
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_10  wandsworth_all_saints170117_12
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_30  wandsworth_all_saints170117_6
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_13  wandsworth_all_saints170117_19
 wandsworth_all_saints170117_20  wandsworth_all_saints170117_14

St Mary Magdalene, East Hill, Wandsworth (Roman Catholic)

On an island site between busy roads.two sides are hidden by  buildings, whereas the eastern side faces the former Huguenot burial ground. It was designed by Lawrence Butler and built in 1905. A gallery and baptistery were added by Riley & Glanfield in 1959.

wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_5  wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_3
 wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_1  wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_

St Anne, St Ann’s Hill, Wandsworth

The very tall tower can be seen from some way off. It dates from 1820-24 and is by Robert Smirke. It sits on a slope at the top of a large green space. The chancel was added in 1896 by E.W. Mountford, there was also work by William White in 1891.

        wandsworth_st_anne050117_1 wandsworth_st_anne050117_14
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_4  wandsworth_st_anne050117_3
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_13  wandsworth_st_anne050117_6
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_11  wandsworth_st_anne050117_7
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_10  wandsworth_st_anne050117_9

St Mary (former), Garratt Lane, Wandsworth now Community Centre and Sports Club

Just south of Wandsworth town centre. It dates from 1904-05 and designed by Godfrey Pinkerton. It was declared redundant in 1949 and used as a parish community centre until sold on in 2000.

wandsworth_st_mary_former050117_4  wandsworth_st_mary_former050117_
 wandsworth_st_mary_former050117_1  wandsworth_st_mary_former050117_3

St Thomas a Becket, West Hill, Wandsworth (Roman Catholic)

A prominent sight near the top of West Hill. The church dates from 1893-95, with the chancel and Lady chapel added in 1897-99, the south aisle and porch in 1901, transepts 1912 and tower 1926-27

 wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_4 wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_2
 wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_  wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_1