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French Protestant Church, Soho Square, central London

In one corner of Soho Square, the frontage gives no idea of the round-arched terracotta church behind. It was designed by Sir Aston Webb and built in 1891-93


St Andrew, Greyhound Road, Fulham Fields

Built 1873-74 and designed by Newman and Billing. Aston Webb added a Lady Chapel and extended the church a bay westwards. Webb added the sanctuary decoration in 1898-1901. In the 2000s there was a major developement at the west end to add in an impressive three-story arrangement of rooms and offices.


St Alban, Margravine Road, Fulham

Opened as a mission from nearby St Andrew, it was closed for a while, but re-opened as a plant from Holy Trinity Brompton. The church dates from 1895-97 and was designed by Aston Webb and E.Ingress Bell, however it was never completed and lacks a chancel. It also lost a number of fittings after closure.


St Bartholomew the Great, City of London

The remains of an Augustian Priory, it is one of the most impressive Norman churches in London. Much of the exterior is by Aston Webb 1886-98. The only city church (apart from the Temple Church  to charge an admission fee.

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