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St Mary Magdalene, St Mary Street, Woolwich

In a big churchyard high above and to the west of Woolwich town centre. It was built in 1727-1739, built but not necessarily designed by Matthew Spray. A chancel was added on by John Oldrid Scott in 1893-1894.

St Peter,Woolwich New Road, Woolwich (Roman Catholic)

On the south edge of Woolwich town centre, this is a church of 1842 by A.W.N. Pugin. The chancel and north-east chapel were added in 1887-1889 by F.A. Walters. It has been much refurbished inside with an extended narthex and in an interesting mint green colour scheme.

St Michael and All Angels (Former), Bogard Road, Woolwich now (Church of the Pentecost UK, Jubilee Temple)

Sold in 2014 to a Ghanaian church called Church of the Pentecost UK.  It stands high above Woolwich Dockyard station, the chancel is by J.W. Walters dating from 1875 to which the large nave was added in 1887-1889 by William Butterfield. In 1955 Thomas F. Ford added an aisle and a transept.

St Catherine Labouré (Former), Woolwich Rd, Woolwich (Roman Catholic) now the Lithuanian Christian Church

Just outside Maryon Park on an industrial stretch of Woolwich Road west of Woolwich town centre. It was built in 1961 by Walters & Kerr Bate as a Chapel Of Ease to Woolwich. It has, in recent years, passed to the Lithuanian Christian Church.

Garrison Church of St George, Grand Depot Road, Woolwich

Now a stabilised ruin. It lies across the road from the main garrison buildings. It was built in 1863 by T.H. Wyatt, but gutted in WW2. The east end is now protected by a tensile roof erected in 2015 to preserve the fabric and the  mosaics.

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