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St Martin, Gospel Oak

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A classic eccentric low church design by E.B. Lamb dating from 1864-65. It features one of his marvellously complex wooden roof constructions over a very wide crossing.The tower pinnacles were restored in 2014, I have left one older exterior picture for comparison.

gospel_oak_st_martin090212_4       gospel_oak_st_martin200915_7
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_4  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_9
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_1  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_10
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_5  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_18
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_22  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_79
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_28  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_71
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_53  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_47
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_33  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_39
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_58  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_56
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_26  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_38
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_34  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_41
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_75  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_51
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_61  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_14
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_23  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_73
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_74  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_72
 gospel_oak_st_martin200915_54  gospel_oak_st_martin200915_77

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  1. James Robin says:

    Fantastic photo’s Andrew, keep up the good work.

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