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St Peter, One Stonegrove, Edgware

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A church was built in 1962 to serve the high-rise Stonegrove estate. Since 2016 the estate and church have been demolished and replaced with a low rise development designed by Sprunt and built by Barratts. As part of this a joint church and community centre called One Stonegrove has been built that contains a hall used for services and a very small chapel (the interiors shown) behind it.


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  1. zoothorn says:

    Rev Simon Rea, Pioneering Minister at St Peter’s, Stonegrove commented

    Hi Andrew
    Just a quick clarification about OneStonegrove/St Peter’s Church: it is a JOINT church and community centre building, so not just a community centre and not just a church (building).
    It is an innovative joint initiative between the local church and other stakeholders including council, housing association and more importantly local residents through a Community Trust. Instead of 2 separate buildings standing oppposite each other, one single bigger and better facility provides more opportunities for blessing the local area. OneStonegrove was deliberately designed to respect the heritage of the old 1962 church building (and help transform the reputation of the area). It retains the same distinctive shape, roof, windows. wooden ceiling and floor plan of the old St Peter’s so that effectively everything is under the ‘mantle’ of the church. The chapel actually houses the original bell which had been taken down over 20 years ago and was one of the last (re)installations by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.
    The building has been shortlisted for awards by National Churches’ Trust, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Royal Institute of British Architects and the Civic Trust as well as winning the innaugral Barnet Architecture award for best civic project in the borough and the Best Commercial Project award at the Structural Timber Awards 2017.

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