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St Mark, Bathurst Gardens/All Souls Avenue, Kensal Rise

A typical suburban church by J.S. Alder dating from 1914. Like a number of his churches it was left unfinished until 1968 when Riley and Glanfield added a non matching west end.


St Michael (former), Mora Road, Cricklewood

Hidden away on a street corner near a former waterworks. The church is by J.S. Alder and dates from 1909-10. It was made redundant in 1992 and became the Church of Christ Apostolic, but it now appears to be  up for sale.


St Catherine, Dudden Hill Lane, Neasden

On a busy roundabout opposite the Grange Museum, it is a church of 1916 by J.S. Alder with the western bay and porch added in 1954 by E.B. Glanfield.


St Saviour, Cobbold Road, Shepherds Bush

On the edge of Wendell Park at the western end of Shepherds Bush. The nave dates from 1888-89 by C.N. Tudor with the chancel added in 1894. A 1970 reordering by Norman Haines has meant that the western half of the nave is divided off as a nursery school and community centre, the sanctuary at the west end of the rump nave and the office in the sanctuary area which has gained an organ gallery.


St Mary and Archangel Michael, Cranbourne Gardens, Temple Fortune (Coptic)

In suburbia north of the centre of Golders Green. This was built as St Barnabas C of E church in 1915 by J.S. Alder. The chancel and Lady chapel were added in 1932-34 by Ernest Shearman. The nave was rebuilt in 1962 by Romilly B. Craze after war damage. It became a Coptic church in 1996 and this was when the west porch was added. The interior shots appear rather murky owing to the amount of incense coming from a service in the lady Chapel.


St Barnabas (Former), Holden Road, Woodside Park

A typical large J.S. Alder church of 1912-14. The interior has been split with the west end converted to offices and rooms. A western balcony was built over them facing into the church. The photos below were taken with the church set up for a toddler group, rather than worship. In late 2018 the church moved to a former office block, Solar House,  on North Finchley High Road and this building is being (March 2020)  converted to housing (see lowest images).

  March 2020 conversion to housing

All Saints, Campbell Road, Twickenham

Between two dead end roads south-west of the town centre. It is a large church of 1914 by J.S. Alder.

twickenham_all_saints241116_12  twickenham_all_saints241116_11
 twickenham_all_saints241116_10  twickenham_all_saints241116_8
 twickenham_all_saints241116_3  twickenham_all_saints241116_
 twickenham_all_saints241116_1  twickenham_all_saints241116_2
 twickenham_all_saints241116_4  twickenham_all_saints241116_5

St George, Pinner View, Headstone

A suburban church of 1911 by J.S. Alder. The east window is by Martin Travers.

headstone_lane_st_george101015_  headstone_lane_st_george101015_1
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_39  headstone_lane_st_george101015_2
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_35  headstone_lane_st_george101015_36
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_3  headstone_lane_st_george101015_4
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_23  headstone_lane_st_george101015_6
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_8  headstone_lane_st_george101015_33
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_16  headstone_lane_st_george101015_20
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_12  headstone_lane_st_george101015_13
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_22  headstone_lane_st_george101015_26
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_19  headstone_lane_st_george101015_27

St John the Baptist, Sheepcote Road, Greenhill, Harrow

Right in harrow town centre, the church was built in 1904 to designs by J.S. Alder, it was extended east in 1925 by Alder & Turrill, with the chancel by Martin Travers added in 1938.

               harrow_st_john220215_25  harrow_st_john220215_24
 harrow_st_john220215_  harrow_st_john220215_5
 harrow_st_john220215_10  harrow_st_john220215_6
 harrow_st_john220215_15  harrow_st_john220215_12
 harrow_st_john220215_2  harrow_st_john220215_9
 harrow_st_john220215_3  harrow_st_john220215_14
 harrow_st_john220215_13  harrow_st_john220215_17
 harrow_st_john220215_7  harrow_st_john220215_16

Holy Trinity, Granville Road, Stroud Green

A church hall of 1913 by J.S. Alder, it replaced the war damaged church alongside which was demolished in 1960.

stroud_green_holy_trinity190913_1 stroud_green_holy_trinity190913_