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St Barnabas (Former), Holden Road, Woodside Park

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A typical large J.S. Alder church of 1912-14. The interior has been split with the west end converted to offices and rooms. A western balcony was built over them facing into the church. The photos below were taken with the church set up for a toddler group, rather than worship. In late 2018 the church moved to a former office block, Solar House,  on North Finchley High Road and this building is being (March 2020)  converted to housing (see lowest images).

  March 2020 conversion to housing


  1. Joe Staines says:

    Sad loss of a distinguished building now converted into rather tacky-looking flats.

  2. Ellie says:

    Are there graves beneath this building?

    • zoothorn says:

      Burial under church buildings was discontinued in the early 19th century, well before St Barnabas was built

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