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St Michael (former), Mora Road, Cricklewood

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Hidden away on a street corner near a former waterworks. The church is by J.S. Alder and dates from 1909-10. It was made redundant in 1992 and became the Church of Christ Apostolic, but it now appears to be  up for sale.


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  1. David Peters says:

    St Michael’s, Mora Road, has a dark history. In the late 40s a teenager, described as a “Sixteen year old tramp” was found strangled in the churchyard. Local opinion, based on what was known of his proclivities, was that the vicar was responsible. Groups of young boys, pupils from the school opposite, could often be seen entering or leaving his vicarage. Savvy parents warned their sons to stay away from him. Back then the police were very reluctant to investigate such scenarios.

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