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St George, Pinner View, Headstone

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A suburban church of 1911 by J.S. Alder. The east window is by Martin Travers.

headstone_lane_st_george101015_  headstone_lane_st_george101015_1
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_39  headstone_lane_st_george101015_2
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_35  headstone_lane_st_george101015_36
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_3  headstone_lane_st_george101015_4
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_23  headstone_lane_st_george101015_6
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_8  headstone_lane_st_george101015_33
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_16  headstone_lane_st_george101015_20
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_12  headstone_lane_st_george101015_13
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_22  headstone_lane_st_george101015_26
 headstone_lane_st_george101015_19  headstone_lane_st_george101015_27

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