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St George, Patmore Street, Battersea

A small church that replaced both two 19th-century buildings destroyed in WW2 and a 1956 church by Covell Matthews and Partners, of which the tower and spire remain. The current church dates from 1996 and was designed by Levitt Bernstein Associates.

St Luke, Ramsden Road, Battersea

As close to Balham as much as Battersea. It stands out from some way off, above the sea of suburban villas between the two. It was designed by F.W. Hunt and built 1883-89 with the chancel and tower added in 1892 and the baptistery in 1899. The interior is a fine collection of contemporary fittings, including very early electric light fittings of 1903. The Lady chapel was refitted by Martin Travers in 1924-27, he also designed the font cover.. Most of the glass is by Powells.

battersea_st_luke250117_138  battersea_st_luke250117_136
 battersea_st_luke250117_135  battersea_st_luke250117_1
 battersea_st_luke250117_134  battersea_st_luke250117_3
 battersea_st_luke250117_4  battersea_st_luke250117_17
 battersea_st_luke250117_132  battersea_st_luke250117_76
 battersea_st_luke250117_110  battersea_st_luke250117_107
 battersea_st_luke250117_106  battersea_st_luke250117_13
 battersea_st_luke250117_65  battersea_st_luke250117_133
 battersea_st_luke250117_59  battersea_st_luke250117_96
 battersea_st_luke250117_74  battersea_st_luke250117_67
 battersea_st_luke250117_114  battersea_st_luke250117_60
 battersea_st_luke250117_94  battersea_st_luke250117_55
 battersea_st_luke250117_90  battersea_st_luke250117_127
 battersea_st_luke250117_82  battersea_st_luke250117_71
 battersea_st_luke250117_70  battersea_st_luke250117_54
 battersea_st_luke250117_75  battersea_st_luke250117_80
 battersea_st_luke250117_69  battersea_st_luke250117_85
 battersea_st_luke250117_84  battersea_st_luke250117_83
 battersea_st_luke250117_120  battersea_st_luke250117_125
 battersea_st_luke250117_34  battersea_st_luke250117_32
 battersea_st_luke250117_31  battersea_st_luke250117_14
 battersea_st_luke250117_38  battersea_st_luke250117_28
 battersea_st_luke250117_8  battersea_st_luke250117_10
 battersea_st_luke250117_11  battersea_st_luke250117_9
 battersea_st_luke250117_104  battersea_st_luke250117_101
 battersea_st_luke250117_97  battersea_st_luke250117_102
 battersea_st_luke250117_45  battersea_st_luke250117_44
 battersea_st_luke250117_47  battersea_st_luke250117_6
 battersea_st_luke250117_129  battersea_st_luke250117_128

Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Joseph, Battersea Park Road, Battersea (Roman Catholic)

Next to Battersea Park station. The church is by John Adams of 1879, the original church is now a Lady Chapel by C.A. Buckler 1868.

battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_21  battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_
 battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_19  battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_2
 battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_4  battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_3
 battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_6  battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_8
 battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_10  battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_18
 battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_16  battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_12
 battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_14  battersea_our_lady_of_mount_carmel_and_st_joseph170117_9

All Saints, Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea

Opposite Battersea Park, it is by David Gill in 1976-78, replacing a  church of 1882-1883 on an adjacent site. Some glass, the cockerel from the top of the tower, memorials and a font cover remain from the old church. The sanctuary area can be divided from the rest of the church to form a hall that is used as a nursery during the week.


St Saviour, Battersea Park Road, Battersea

Around half way along the road, this is a small church of 1870-71 by E.C. Robins.

 battersea_st_saviour170117_8  battersea_st_saviour170117_6
 battersea_st_saviour170117_3  battersea_st_saviour170117_
 battersea_st_saviour170117_4  battersea_st_saviour170117_2

Christ Church, Battersea Park Road, Battersea

At the western end of the road. The church is by T.F. Ford and dates from 1957 replacing a war-damaged 19th-century church. Some fittings by Martin Travers were brought from the sold church of St Stephen nearby. Like several other Ford churches, it contains murals by Hans Feibusch.

St Stephen (former), Battersea Park Road, Battersea now Assemblies of the First Born (Pentecostal)

Towards the western end of this long road on the corner of Battersea Bridge Road. It is by William White and dates from 1886-87.

battersea_st_stephen_former170117_10  battersea_st_stephen_former170117_6
 battersea_st_stephen_former170117_5  battersea_st_stephen_former170117_

Sacred Heart, Trott Street, Battersea (Roman Catholic)

In the older part of Battersea towards the river, but hidden away in housing. The church is by F.A. Walters from 1892 with a modern extension with halls and offices overlooking a garden.

  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_47 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_49
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_3  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_1
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_5  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_48
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_36  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_35
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_45  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_40
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_6  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_8
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_11  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_10
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_19  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_26
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_15  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_30
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_12  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_9
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_23  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_24
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_42  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_37
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_39  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_16
 battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_21  battersea_sacred_heart_rc170117_27

St Peter, Plough Road, Battersea

A 19th-century church was replaced, following a fire in 1970, by a new building in 1974. This, in turn, was demolished in 2014 and a new building was opened in November 2018 as part of a housing development. Some use is also still made of a nearby community centre which served as the church during construction. The pictures of the building under construction and the temporary premises were taken in January 2017


battersea_st_peter170117_8  battersea_st_peter170117_3
 battersea_st_peter170117_4  battersea_st_peter170117_7
 battersea_st_peter170117_6  battersea_st_peter170117_2
 battersea_st_peter170117_  battersea_st_peter170117_1

St Bartholomew (Former), Wycliffe Road, Battersea now St Nektarios Greek Orthodox

Designed by G.H. Fellowes Prynne and built in 1901. It was declared redundant in 1972 and then leased in 1973 and sold in 1995 to the Greek Orthodox church.

battersea_st_nektarios_greek_orthodox050117_3 battersea_st_nektarios_greek_orthodox050117_2