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St Michael and All Angels (Former), Bogard Road, Woolwich now (Church of the Pentecost UK, Jubilee Temple)

Sold in 2014 to a Ghanaian church called Church of the Pentecost UK.  It stands high above Woolwich Dockyard station, the chancel is by J.W. Walters dating from 1875 to which the large nave was added in 1887-1889 by William Butterfield. In 1955 Thomas F. Ford added an aisle and a transept.

St Mary, St Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe

In narrow streets between the Thames and the station, this is Rotherhithe’s old parish church. The medieval church was replaced over the period 1714-1747 by this classical building attributed to John James and Lawrence Dowbiggin (Tower). A restoration was carried out in 1876 by William Butterfield. 


Holy Innocents, Kingsbury Lane, Kingsbury Green

A small church of 1883-84, raised above the road, by William Butterfield. A narthex and northern aisle were added in 1957


St Mary Brookfield, Dartmouth Park Hill, Dartmouth Park

High up the hill, a church by William Butterfield from 1869-75, the chancel was added in 1881 by W.C. Street.


All Saints, Uxbridge Road, Harrow Weald

Set well back from the road between Stanmore and Harrow Weald. This church started as a chancel of 1842 designed by J.T. Harrison. Nave and aisles were added by William Butterfield in 1845. In 1889-92 he took down the north aisle and added a new gabled aisle and tower. A west gallery was added in the late fifties and the west window blocked. Removal of paint in 2013 uncovered a painted and tiled decorative scheme by Butterfield in the chancel.

        harrow_weald_all_saints130915_  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_63
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_64  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_60
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_10 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_21
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_17  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_18
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_20  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_5
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_30  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_47
       harrow_weald_all_saints130915_48  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_49
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_24  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_25
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_23  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_52
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_36  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_38
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_53  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_35
 harrow_weald_all_saints130915_32  harrow_weald_all_saints130915_42

St Mathias, Mathias Road, Stoke Newington

One of William Butterfield’s major works, dating from 1849-53. There was severe war damage to the church whose rebuilding was completed in 1954. The interior is now relatively simply decorated with much post war glass and the sanctuary brought forward under the tower.


All Hallows, Church Lane, Tottenham

The ancient parish church of Tottenham. The tower is 14th century with an 18th century top. The south porch is late 14th century, the south aisle late 15th century. The north aisle dates from 1816 and the east end of 1875-1777 by William Butterfield. The nave roof and much of the decoration is by Butterfield too.

tottenham_all_hallows070215_3 tottenham_all_hallows120913_1
 tottenham_all_hallows120913_2  tottenham_all_hallows260915_
 tottenham_all_hallows120913_6  tottenham_all_hallows120913_3
 tottenham_all_hallows070215_2  tottenham_all_hallows070215_
 tottenham_all_hallows070215_8      tottenham_all_hallows260915_8
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_49  tottenham_all_hallows260915_13
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_10  tottenham_all_hallows260915_5
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_55  tottenham_all_hallows260915_7
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_4  tottenham_all_hallows260915_17
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_53  tottenham_all_hallows260915_47
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_51  tottenham_all_hallows260915_42
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_12  tottenham_all_hallows260915_54
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_11  tottenham_all_hallows260915_23
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_36  tottenham_all_hallows260915_37
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_34  tottenham_all_hallows260915_35
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_33  tottenham_all_hallows260915_44
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_27  tottenham_all_hallows260915_25
 tottenham_all_hallows260915_38  tottenham_all_hallows260915_39

St John the Baptist, High Barnet

A large church at the end of the High Street in Chipping Barnet town centre. A medieval church was greatly extended with a large nave, chancel, tower and south aisle added by William Butterfield in 1871-75. The fleche was added by J.C. Traylen in 1893, he also designed the pulpit, font and bench ends.

chipping_barnet_st_john220413_1  high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_62
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_57  high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_60
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_56 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_32 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_47
high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_16  high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_17
high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_18 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_23
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_13   high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_11
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_26  high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_45
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_54 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_42
 chipping_barnet_st_john220413_16  high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_2
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_21 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_38
 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_12 high_barnet_st_john_the_baptist290716_14

St Mary Magdalene, Enfield

A late William Butterfield church of 1883. It sits on a hilltop above Enfield and near the Ridgeway. The chancel was decorated in 1897 with designs by Nathaniel Westlake and Charles Buckeridge. It was restored in 2012 and presents a great contrast with the rather plain nave.  Much of the stained glass was designed by Butterfield and made by Heaton, Butler and Bayne.

enfield_st_mary040513_ enfield_st_mary040513_2
 enfield_st_mary021211_2  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_
 enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_26  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_29
 enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_22  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_19
 enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_30  enfield_st_mary_magdalene200914_39

St Alban, Brooke Street, Holborn

One of William Butterfield’s major works from 1856-62, it was badly war damaged and rebuilt in a simplified design, apart from the tower and west end,  by Adrian Scott 1959-61. The Clergy House remains from Butterfield’s building. The huge mural and Stations of the Cross were painted by Hans Feibusch. The Mackonochie chapel  at the west end was added by C.H.M. Mileham in 1890