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St David’s Home Chapel, Castlebar Hill, Ealing, W5 1TE

A care and rehabilitation home founded after WW1 and run by a Roman Catholic order until 2002. The chapel is just inside the gates. It was built by A.S.G. Butler in 1919

St Stephen, The Avenue, Ealing

There are two St Stephens.The old church sits on an island site. The chancel nave and south aisle date from 1875-76 and were designed by J. Ashdown. In 1880 A. Rovedino extended the south aisle and added a south transept. The landmark tower and spire were added by Arthur Blomfield in 1891. It was converted to flats in 1985-87. In replacement a parish centre was added to the early 20th century church hall over the road, this was designed by I.Goldsmid in 1986. The old church hall is now the worship area.

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All Saints, Elm Grove Road, Ealing

In quiet suburbia at the southern end of Ealing Common. It is a memorial to Spencer Perceval the only assassinated British Prime Minister (1812). It was paid for by his youngest daughter and built in 1903-05. The architect was W.A. Pite.

St Matthew, North Common Road, Ealing

Facing across Ealing Common east of the town centre, is this church of 1883-84 by Alfred Jowers. Relatively little changed inside, the baptistery and all the Stations of the Cross are in a western narthex screened from the body of the church.

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 ealing_st_matthew091014_3  ealing_st_matthew091014_4

Our Lady Mother of the Church, Windor Road, Ealing (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1867 as a Methodist church to designs by Charles Jones and John Tarring. It became a church for the large Polish Catholic community in 1986.

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St Mary, Ealing

Ealing parish church but now a good mile south of the modern town centre. It is a church of 1735-40 by J. Horne but reimagined by S.S. Teulon 1866-74 in a byzantine manner. The interior is a tour de force of polychrome brickwork, painted ironwork, an elaborate roof structure and glass designed by Thomas Boddington (the treasurer of Teulon’s restoration) and made by Heaton, Butler & Bayne. The yellowish baptistery windows are by Lavers & Barraud. The interior was restored 2002-2003.

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St Peter, Mount Park Road, Ealing

This was designed by J.D. Sedding in 1889 but carried out by Henry Wilson 1892-93. A good example of Sedding and Wilson’s free gothic style. The richly decorated Lady Chapel by E.J. May was added in 1913, with the reredos by C.G. Hare added in 1920.

ealing_st_peter250212_19  ealing_st_peter250212_18

St Barnabas, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing

The church for the Brentham Estate in the north of Ealing. It is one of Ernest Shearman’s 20th century brick basilicas. This one was built in 1914-1916. The apse wall paintings are by James Clark and date from 1917-1920. The Lady Chapel triptych dates from 1996 and is by Sister Theresa Margaret from the Community of the Holy Name, Pwllheli, north Wales.

  ealing_st_barnabas081212_4  ealing_st_barnabas081212_2
 ealing_st_barnabas221014_34  ealing_st_barnabas221014_2.jpg
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Christ the Saviour, New Broadway, Ealing W5 2XA

The church for the Ealing Broadway commercial centre of the borough. Designed by Gilbert Scott, 1852. Internal decoration, pulpit and organ cases are by G.F. Bodley. The post war glass is by Hugh Easton.

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St Benedict, Ealing (Roman Catholic)

Better known as Ealing Abbey, situated in the leafy northern suburbs of Ealing. It was started in 1895-97 by F.A. Walters but the west end (seen below) was added in 1905 by E.A. Walters.

ealing_abbey50212_2  ealing_abbey50212_1
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