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St Mark, Church Road, Woodcote

A large church, deep in smart suburbia, on the border between Croydon and Sutton boroughs. The building is by G.H. Fellowes Prynne, dating from 1910. A very late Morris & Co window is a memorial to J.H. Dearle their lead designer during the 20th century.

All Saints, Trewsbury Road, Sydenham

An unfinished church, of which only the west front is visible close-up. It was built in 1903 by G.F. Fellowes Prynne but only three nave bays were built and this was finished off with a temporary wall and narthex which form the view from the street.

St Bartholomew (Former), Wycliffe Road, Battersea now St Nektarios Greek Orthodox

Designed by G.H. Fellowes Prynne and built in 1901. It was declared redundant in 1972 and then leased in 1973 and sold in 1995 to the Greek Orthodox church.

battersea_st_nektarios_greek_orthodox050117_3 battersea_st_nektarios_greek_orthodox050117_2

Holy Trinity, Roehampton Lane, Roehampton.

Above the road and behind a school on a corner of Putney Heath. This is a large church of 1896-98 by G.H. Fellowes Prynne featuring one of his large stone screens filling the entire chancel arch.

roehampton_holy_trinity141216_117 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_114
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_112  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_111
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_20  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_19
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_22  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_95
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_72  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_74
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_73  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_75
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_40  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_44
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_30  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_68
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_76  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_92
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_96  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_99
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_67  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_82
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_109  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_71
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_108  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_93
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_65  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_88
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_50  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_79
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_27  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_83
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_47  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_46
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_45  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_81
 roehampton_holy_trinity141216_98  roehampton_holy_trinity141216_97

St Peter, Sumner Road, West Harrow

Dating from 1911-1913 and designed by G.F. Fellowes Prynne. The interior was subdivided by Ian Goldsmid in 1988-89 and it is not possible to get a real impression of the church interior. The main worship space is up a staircase inserted into the former baptistry, the chancel area is now a medical centre, otherwise, it is a complex of offices, rooms, kitchen, offices etc.

St Peter, Leigham Court Road, Streatham Hill

Imposingly sited almost at the top of a steep hill. The church is of 1870 by R.W. Drew, with the west end and baptistry by G.H. Fellowes-Prynne.

streatham_hill_st_peter070115_2  streatham_hill_st_peter070115_4
 streatham_hill_st_peter070115_5  streatham_hill_st_peter070115_12
 streatham_hill_st_peter070115_8  streatham_hill_st_peter070115_9

All Saints, Rosendale Road/Lovelace Road, West Dulwich

A huge unfinished church by G.H. Fellowes-Prynne of 1887-91 was badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt by J.B.S. Comper. However it was burned out in 2000 and an impressive new church built in the walls, retaining the chancel but with much simplified furnishings. This dates from 2006 and was designed by Thomas F. Ford and Partners.

west_dulwich_all_saints061114_2  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_3
 ???????????????????????????????  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_35
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_33  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_4
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_21  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_20
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_18  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_19
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_32  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_11
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_7  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_12
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_24  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_31
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_6  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_8
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_13  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_14
 west_dulwich_all_saints061114_15  west_dulwich_all_saints061114_16

St John the Evangelist, Church Road, Sidcup

To the east of the town centre, but hidden down a side turning. It is a large church of 1899-1901 by George Fellowes-Prynne, added to a chancel and lady chapel of 1882 by R.J. Withers. It features one of Fellowes-Prynne’s characteristic stone screens. The pulpit is of 1651. The church more foundation and consecration stones than any other church I know of.

               sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_54    sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_58
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_1 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_50
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_24  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_23
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_46  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_42
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_30  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_22
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_8  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_14
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_6  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_12
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_38  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_60
sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_55 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_57