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St John the Evangelist, Church Road, Sidcup

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To the east of the town centre, but hidden down a side turning. It is a large church of 1899-1901 by George Fellowes-Prynne, added to a chancel and lady chapel of 1882 by R.J. Withers. It features one of Fellowes-Prynne’s characteristic stone screens. The pulpit is of 1651. The church more foundation and consecration stones than any other church I know of.

               sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_54    sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_58
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_1 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_50
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_24  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_23
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_46  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_42
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_30  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_22
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_8  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_14
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_6  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_12
 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_38  sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_60
sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_55 sidcup_st_john_the_evangelist130214_57


  1. It was as Director of Music at this church that a teenage John Baldwin began a musical career which led him (under the stage name of John-Paul Jones) to become the bass guitarist and keyboard player of Led Zeppelin. He nearly quit the band in 1975 to become Assistant Organist of Winchester Cathedral, but, having attended the auditions, was persuaded to remain.

    • zoothorn says:

      But see this:


      Were you serious when you told Peter Grant that you wanted to jack it in to become choirmaster at Winchester Cathedral?
      Brian Fisher, Manchester
      Ha! That was a tongue-in-cheek joke, although I was serious about leaving Led Zeppelin in 1973 unless things changed. But Peter did sort things out pretty quickly. What kind of choirmaster would I have made? A bloody good one! Listen, any way that they’ll pay you for making music is just the best situation in the world. I’d do it for nothing. I don’t care what music it is. I just love it all. The rubbing of notes together. I love it all. I would be very passionate about whatever I decided to do.

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