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St Peter, De Beauvoir Road, Hackney

On the edge of De Beauvoir Square, a church of 1840-41 by W.C. Lochner.

  de_beauvoir_town_st_peter211113_2 de_beauvoir_town_st_peter211113_1
 de_beauvoir_town_st_peter211113_4  de_beauvoir_town_st_peter211113_

St Luke, Chatham Place, Hackney

Tucked away east of the centre of Hackney. It dates from 1872-72 and is a work by Newman and Billing of 1872-73 with the tower and spire added in 1882.

hackney_st_luke211113_3  hackney_st_luke211113_1
 hackney_st_luke211113_4  hackney_st_luke211113_5

St John the Theologian, Mare Street, Hackney (Greek Orthodox)

Built as a Catholic Apostolic Church in 1873 by John Drake.

hackney_st_john_the_theologian_go161113_  hackney_st_john_the_theologian_go161113_1
 hackney_st_john_the_theologian_go161113_4  hackney_st_john_the_theologian_go161113_2

St John the Baptist, King Edwards Road, Hackney (Roman Catholic)

A replacement of a war damaged church. It is by Archard and Partners dating from 1956.

south_hackney_st_john_rc161113_1  south_hackney_st_john_rc161113_4

St John of Jerusalem, South Hackney

A large church of 1845-48 by E.C. Hakewill. For its date it is a remarkably well detailed church. The spire by N.F. Cachemaille-Day was added in after the orignal broach spire was destroyed in WW2.

          south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_34 south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_1
 south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_5  south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_32
 south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_31  south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_29
 south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_19  south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_18
 south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_9  south_hackney_st_john_of_jersusalem161113_7

St John, Hackney

By James Spiller 1791-94, restored after fire in 1955 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day and William C. Lock

  hackney_st_john221112_4 hackney_st_john111212_
 hackney_st_john221112_2  hackney_st_john221112_1
 hackney_st_john221112_    hackney_st_john141213_
 hackney_st_john141213_8  hackney_st_john141213_20
 hackney_st_john141213_16  hackney_st_john141213_1
 hackney_st_john141213_22  hackney_st_john141213_12
 hackney_st_john141213_13  hackney_st_john141213_5
 hackney_st_john141213_7  hackney_st_john141213_17

St Augustine, Hackney

The medieval west tower of the former Hackney parish church.

hackney_st_augustine_tower221112_2  hackney_st_augustine_tower221112_