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St John Horsleydown, Fair Street/Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey

This was a church of 1727 by Nicholas Hawksmoor and John James. It was largely destroyed in WW2 but the lower parts of the walls form the base of Nasmith House used by the London City Mission. It is still surrounded by its churchyard, now a public open space.

St Mary, St Marychurch Street, Rotherhithe

In narrow streets between the Thames and the station, this is Rotherhithe’s old parish church. The medieval church was replaced over the period 1714-1747 by this classical building attributed to John James and Lawrence Dowbiggin (Tower). A restoration was carried out in 1876 by William Butterfield. 


St Alfege, Greenwich High Road, Greenwich

Right in the town centre, and built after the old church roof collapsed in 1710. The architect was Nicholas Hawksmoor and the church was built in 1711-1714.  John James encased the tower and added a steeple in 1730.


St Mary, Church Street, Twickenham

Down by the river, off the main town centre area. The tower is 14th century but the church was rebuilt in 1714-15 by John James.

          twickenham_st_mary241116_3  twickenham_st_mary241116_12
 twickenham_st_mary241116_8  twickenham_st_mary241116_
 twickenham_st_mary241116_1  twickenham_st_mary241116_13
 twickenham_st_mary241116_5  twickenham_st_mary241116_7
 twickenham_st_mary241116_4    twickenham_st_mary301116_40
 twickenham_st_mary301116_34  twickenham_st_mary301116_31
 twickenham_st_mary301116_16  twickenham_st_mary301116_23
 twickenham_st_mary301116_42  twickenham_st_mary301116_30
 twickenham_st_mary301116_39  twickenham_st_mary301116_29
 twickenham_st_mary301116_  twickenham_st_mary301116_28
 twickenham_st_mary301116_12  twickenham_st_mary301116_17
 twickenham_st_mary301116_20  twickenham_st_mary301116_24
 twickenham_st_mary301116_19  twickenham_st_mary301116_35

St Laurence, Whitchurch Lane, Little Stanmore

The body of the church was built in 1715 by John James to  effectively act as a private chapel for nearby Cannons owned by the Earl of Chandos. The 15th century tower was retained from the old parish church. The ceiling was painted by Laguerre and the walls by Sleter. The east and west end ceilings are by Bellucci. On the north side is the anteroom and main Chandos Mausoleum built 1735-36 by James Gibbs and housing the huge Grinling Gibbons monument to the Duke of Chandos and his wives.The walls and ceiling are decorated by Sleter and G. Brunetti. The whole building is an overwhelming baroque experience.

little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_ little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_64
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_70  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_67
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_28  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_53
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_52  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_5
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_61  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_60
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_25  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_29
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_6  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_43
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_40  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_39
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_10  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_46
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_21  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_14
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_31  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_23
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_11  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_19

St Margaret, Westminster, Parliament Square

In the shadow of the Abbey and opposite the Houses of Parliament. It was built 1482-1523. The Nave was designed by the mason Robert Stowell and the tower by the mason Henry Redman. The tower was rebuilt by John James ion 1735-37 and there was a major restoration by George Gilbert Scott in 1877-78. The chancel was extended by Walter Tower in 1905-06 and J.L. Pearson added west and south-east porches in 1891 and 1894 respectively. The east window is Dutch from 1515-27.

St Luke, Old Street (Former), Clerkenwell (now LSO St Lukes music centre)

Built in 1727-33 and designed by John James and Nicholas Hawksmoor. It was made redundant in 1960 and left as a ruin. In 2000-02 it was renovated to become a music education centre and concert hall for the London Symphony orchestra called LSO St Luke’s.

old_street_st_luke_former211113_1  old_street_st_luke_former211113_4
 old_street_st_luke_former211113_5  old_street_st_luke_former211113_6

St George, Hanover Square

A large classical church a few yards from Regent Street. It was designed by John James and buit between 1713 and 1724.

westminster_st_george_hanover_square230111_4  westminster_st_george_hanover_square230111_
 westminster_st_george_hanover_square230111_3  westminster_st_george_hanover_square230111_1