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St Laurence, Whitchurch Lane, Little Stanmore

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The body of the church was built in 1715 by John James to  effectively act as a private chapel for nearby Cannons owned by the Earl of Chandos. The 15th century tower was retained from the old parish church. The ceiling was painted by Laguerre and the walls by Sleter. The east and west end ceilings are by Bellucci. On the north side is the anteroom and main Chandos Mausoleum built 1735-36 by James Gibbs and housing the huge Grinling Gibbons monument to the Duke of Chandos and his wives.The walls and ceiling are decorated by Sleter and G. Brunetti. The whole building is an overwhelming baroque experience.

little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_ little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_64
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_70  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_67
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_28  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_53
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_52  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_5
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_61  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_60
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_25  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_29
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_6  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_43
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_40  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_39
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_10  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_46
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_21  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_14
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_31  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_23
 little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_11  little_stanmore_st_lawrence130915_19

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