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St Nicholas, Federal Road, Perivale

The church by Laurence King and built in 1963 was demolished in Spring 2014. It has been replaced by a new church along with a small housing development. The First 4 pictures show the site in May 2014 and the next 6 the church under construction in October 2014. The next 3 were taken in March 2015. The lower pictures show the church as completed.


          Demolished church May 2014perivale_st_nicholas050414_1 perivale_st_nicholas050414_3
 ???????????????????????????????  perivale_st_nicholas050414_6
 Early construction October 2014perivale_st_nicholas221014_  ???????????????????????????????
 perivale_st_nicholas221014_7  perivale_st_nicholas221014_5
 perivale_st_nicholas221014_4  perivale_st_nicholas221014_8
 Later construction March 2015perivale_st_nicholas090314_  perivale_st_nicholas090314_2

   The completed  church

seen in April 2018


St Christopher, Bordars Lane, Hanwell

A small church in the north of Hanwell built as part of a YMCA hostel in 2003.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Holy Trinity, Medway Drive, Perivale

The building facing the road dates from 1936 and is by N.F. Cachemaile-Day, it was originally dedicated to St Edward the Confessor. In 1998 a new church shared with the United Reformed Church was constructed to the rear.

   perivale_holy_trinity161014_6  perivale_holy_trinity161014_7
 perivale_holy_trinity161014_3  ???????????????????????????????
 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

All Hallows, Horsenden Lane North, North Greenford

Designed by Cyril Farey 1940-41 on an open triangular site near the Horsenden Hill open space.

???????????????????????????????  north_greenford_all_hallows161014_11
 north_greenford_all_hallows161014_7  north_greenford_all_hallows161014_5
 ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Our Lady of the Visitation, Greenford Road, Greenford (Roman Catholic)

A large church of 1960 by David Stokes, just south of the town centre. It replaced a much smaller building next to it which is still used as a hall.

greenford_our_lady_of_the_visitation161014_2 greenford_our_lady_of_the_visitation161014_1
 ???????????????????????????????  greenford_our_lady_of_the_visitation161014_4
 greenford_our_lady_of_the_visitation161014_9  greenford_our_lady_of_the_visitation161014_8
 greenford_our_lady_of_the_visitation161014_13  greenford_our_lady_of_the_visitation161014_10

Christ the Redeemer, Allenby Road, Southall

As close to Greenford as Southall. The church dates from 1964 and is by M.Farey. Much of the locked interior is visible through the glazed west end and baptistry.

     ???????????????????????????????  southall_Christ_the_redeemer161014_
 southall_Christ_the_redeemer161014_4  southall_Christ_the_redeemer161014_13
 ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????
 ???????????????????????????????  southall_Christ_the_redeemer161014_3

Emmanuel, Fleming Road, Southall

A small hall/church on the Golf Links estate, dating from 1974.

???????????????????????????????  southall_emmanuel161014_3
 southall_emmanuel161014_4 southall_emmanuel161014_2