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Emmanuel, Fleming Road, Southall

A small hall/church on the Golf Links estate, dating from 1974. The worship area faces into a sanctuary in the curved area of wall.

October 2022

October 2014

St Thomas, Boston Road, Hanwell

Serving the south of Hanwell, this church was designed by Edward Maufe in 1934. The crucifixion on the east wall, facing the road is by Eric Gill.

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 hanwell_st_thomas161014_5  hanwell_st_thomas161014_10
 hanwell_st_thomas161014_8                hanwell_st_thomas221014_54
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_1  hanwell_st_thomas221014_23
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_7  hanwell_st_thomas221014_3
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_49  hanwell_st_thomas221014_21
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_34  hanwell_st_thomas221014_39
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 hanwell_st_thomas221014_6  hanwell_st_thomas221014_27

St Paul, Northcroft Road, West Ealing

A large church of 1906 by F.H. Hall-Jones and E.S. Cummings.

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St Peter and St Paul, Camborne Avenue, Northfields (Roman Catholic)

Started in 1931 but not completed until 1959 The 1930s saw the eastern end as far west as one bay of the nave to designs by T.H.B. Scott. Completion of the nave and west end was to T.G.B. Scott’s designs in 1959.

northfields_st_peter_st_paul_rc161014_ northfields_st_peter_st_paul_rc161014_6
 northfields_st_peter_st_paul_rc161014_3  ???????????????????????????????

St Anselm, South Road, Southall (Roman Catholic)

South of the station and the Uxbridge Road part of the town centre. The church dates from 1967 and was designed by J.Newton of Burles Newton and Partners. The glass is by Patrick Reyntiens.

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 southall_st_anselm_rc091014_1  southall_st_anselm_rc091014_4
 southall_st_anselm_rc091014_10  southall_st_anselm_rc091014_11
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St George, Lancaster Road, Southall

At the west end of the town centre, visible from the Uxbridge Road, but behind the high fence of a drive-thru McDonald’s. It is by Arthur Blomfield and dates from 1908. The organ by Abraham Jordan dates from 1723 and comes from the former church of St George, Botolph Lane in the City of London.

Holy Trinity, Uxbridge Road, Southall

At the east end of the town centre. It is by J.Lee and dates from 1890.

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St Mary, Church Road, Hanwell

Attractively sited at the entrance to the “Bunny Park”. This is the site of the medieval parish church. However the current building is an early  Scott & Moffatt design of 1841.  A small chancel, reusing the original east window was added in 1897-98 by William Pywell

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Our Lady and St Joseph, Uxbridge Road, Hanwell

Over the Uxbridge Road from the Anglican church. It is from 1964-67 and designed by Reynolds and Scott.

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 hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_23  hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_22
 hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_3  hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_19
 hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_4  hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_13
 hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_8  hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_10
 hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_9  hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_11
 hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_14  hanwell_our_lady_st_joseph_rc091014_17

St Mellitus, Church Road, Hanwell

Right on the crossroads in the centre of Hanwell. It is a church of 1909-10 by A. Blomfield and Sons.

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