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Grail Community Chapel (former), Waxwell Lane, Pinner now SPEC Retreat Chapel (Roman Catholic)

A small chapel added to the rear of a farmhouse north of the town centre. It was built for a Catholic Lay Community called The Grail Community in 1957. The Grail Community left in 2012 and SPEC (Spiritual & Personal Encounter with Christ) took over the site in 2014. A tapestry of the Last Supper behind the altar is no longer in place, but a metal and ceramic Stations of the Cross by Caryl Houselander remains at the entrance end.

St Panteleimon, Kenton Lane, Kingsbury (Greek Orthodox)

Opened in 2012 and a remarkable byzantine landmark on the borders of Kenton and Kingsbury in north west London. This replaced an earlier building on the site. Looking to the (ritual) west the church is relatively plain but looking (ritual) east it is very rich

queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_33 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_32
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_30  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_6
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_4  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_7
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_28  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_12
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_10  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_16
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_13  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_17
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_18  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_15
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_20  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_19
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_24  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_23
 queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_21  queensbury_st_panteleimon_go280116_22


St William of York, Du Cros Drive, Stanmore (Roman Catholic)

Some way south of Stanmore town centre in suburbia towards Canons Park. It dates from 1960 and was designed by H.O. Corfiato.


   stanmore_st_william_rc280116_1  stanmore_st_william_rc280116_
 stanmore_st_william_rc280116_5  stanmore_st_william_rc280116_4

St Mary, Kenton Road/St Leonards Avenue, Kenton

A church from 1936 by J. Harold Gibbons lying side on to Kenton Lane. The interior retains most original fittings, the vista eastwards is complex with a raised Lady Chapel behind the Baldacchino  over the high altar.



kenton_st_maryl280116_11  kenton_st_maryl280116_10
 kenton_st_maryl280116_  kenton_st_maryl280116_8

St Michael and All Angels, Bishop Ken Road, Harrow Weald

A church of 1958 by T.F. Ford was added to the original church of 1935 that then became a hall. The church has a large mural by Hans Feibusch behind the altar and four smaller ones of the apostles in the spandrels of the nave.

In recent years the further end of the old church has been demolished to give access to a new housing development. The front of the church has gained a glassed narthex and some meeting rooms off to one side.

Its former state can be seen at the end of this page

The church in November 2022

The church in February 2016 without a glass front or the far end of the old church.

   harrow_weald_st_michael280116_3  harrow_weald_st_michael280116_1
 harrow_weald_st_michael280116_4  harrow_weald_st_michael280116_5

St Joseph, High Street, Wealdstone (Roman Catholic)

At the north end of the town centre, this is a double aisled and double transept church of 1931 by Adrian G. Scott.

            wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_19  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_15
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_17  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_16
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_12
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_13  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_11
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_9  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_4
 wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_1  wealdstone_st_joseph_rc280116_7

St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane, Harrow (Roman Catholic)

A suburban church of 1953-54 designed by John E. Sterrett.

headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_9 headstone_st_teresa_rc280116_3
 headstone_st_teresa_rc280116_2  headstone_st_teresa_rc280116_1
 headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_  headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_4
 headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_5  headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_8
 headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_7  headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_6
 headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_3  headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_2
 headstone_lane_St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane070516_1

St Anselm, Westfield Park, Hatch End

Hidden way down quiet suburban streets, it is a church of 1895 by F.E. Jones with the north aisle added in 1906. The interior features a screen and reredos by Charles Spooner.

hatch_end_st_anselm280116_ hatch_end_st_anselm280116_1
 hatch_end_st_anselm280116_2  hatch_end_st_anselm280116_7
 hatch_end_st_anselm280116_5  hatch_end_st_anselm280116_4
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_6
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_51  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_52
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_42  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_37
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_41  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_11
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_10  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_18
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_9  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_19
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_15  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_16
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_4  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_24
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_25  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_26
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_20  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_36
 hatch_end_st_anselm070516_34  hatch_end_st_anselm070516_35

St Luke, Love lane, Pinner (Roman Catholic)

Right in the town centre, a distinctive twin towered church of 1957 designed by F.X. Verlade.

          pinner_st_luke_rc280116_23  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_22
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_21  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_10
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_17  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_16
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_3
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_24  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_18
 pinner_st_luke_rc280116_11  pinner_st_luke_rc280116_1

St Peter, Sumner Road, West Harrow

Dating from 1911-1913 and designed by G.F. Fellowes Prynne. The interior was subdivided by Ian Goldsmid in 1988-89 and it is not possible to get a real impression of the church interior. The main worship space is up a staircase inserted into the former baptistry, the chancel area is now a medical centre, otherwise, it is a complex of offices, rooms, kitchen, offices etc.