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Botwell Misson Hall, Golden Crescent, Hayes (Former) now housing

This was a small mission church in the Botwell area of Hayes, which was some way from the medieval parish church. The rapid growth of Botwell rendered it too small and it was replaced by a tin tabernacle in 1913 in Hayes town centre. The current church of St Anselm which opened in 1929, then replaced that building. In 1932 Middlesex County Council adapted and extended the building as Hayes Library which closed in 2010 being replaced by a new library. The gothic windows were replaced, the bellcote removed and three bays and a new porch added at the west end.

Chapel (former), Mount Vernon Hospital, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood

Mount Vernon Hospital was build as a Consumption (TB) hospital in 1902-1904 and designed by Frederick Wheeler, In 1905 this free standing arts and crafts style chapel was added a short way from the main building. After disuse in the 1960s it was converted to the Fowler Scott Cancer Research Library in 1988 by Bill Miller Associates, before becoming the home to the Gray Cancer Research Laboratory’s lecture theatre. They vacated it in 2009 and it has been disused since. The wooden screen with a list of chaplains and the opening details was visible through some damaged windows at the south-east end in May 2021, by Early June 2021 the windows had been repaired and covered with a metal mesh. It is listed Grade2* but its future use is not decided. Descriptions of the interior suggest that, at least, originally it had sumptuous fittings.

Nearby at one end of the main hospital block is a building labelled as the viewing chapel which in style suggests that it was another slightly earlier chapel, one stained glass window is visible from outside. A few images are at the end of this set. It would seem likely that this was a mortuary chapel rather than a worship space.

St George, Heathrow Airport

An underground chapel in the centre of the airport, it was built in 1968 by Jack Forrest. The three apses were originally designed for the C of E, Roman Catholic and Free Churches but now there is only a single sanctuary, a chapel and a baptistery.


St Dunstan, Cranford

Inside Cranford Park and just in Hillingdon Borough (other Cranford churches are in Hounslow Borough).The tower is 15th century, the nave of 1710. There have been restorations by J.L. Pearson and Martin Travers and one just completed in March 2013, the church is open most Saturdays. It was once next to the a great house but all that now remains are the stables. The rural charm is spoilt by the M4 thundering past a few yards away.

cranford_st_dunstan300314_1 cranford_st_dunstan300314_4
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 cranford_st_dunstan050414_20  cranford_st_dunstan050414_33

St Nicholas, Raynton Drive, Yeading

A church of 1961 by Anthony Lewis , sharing many characteristics with the nearby St Edmund by the same architect.

yeading_st_nicholas300314_  yeading_st_nicholas300314_18
 ???????????????????????????????  yeading_st_nicholas300314_15
 yeading_st_nicholas300314_9  yeading_st_nicholas300314_2
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 yeading_st_nicholas300314_7  yeading_st_nicholas300314_3
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St Edmund, Yeading Lane, Yeading

By the main road from Hayes to Harrow is this church of 1961 by Anthony Lewis, it has many similarities with his other church in Yeading, St Nicholas. The glass is by Laurence Lee.

yeading_st_edmund300314_ yeading_st_edmund300314_3
 yeading_st_edmund300314_4  yeading_st_edmund300314_8
 yeading_st_edmund300314_5 yeading_st_edmund260414_20
 yeading_st_edmund260414_13  yeading_st_edmund260414_16
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 ???????????????????????????????  yeading_st_edmund260414_18
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St Raphael, Morrison Road, Yeading (Roman Catholic)

Serving a large local authority estate this is a church of 1960 by Justin Alleyn.

yeading_st_raphael_rc300314_1 yeading_st_raphael_rc300314_4
 yeading_st_raphael_rc300314_5  yeading_st_raphael_rc300314_8
 yeading_st_raphael_rc300314_6  ???????????????????????????????

St Giles, Ickenham

In the centre of a village now engulfed by suburbia. It is a small 14th century church, whose nave was extended westwards in 1958 by E.C. Butler in a totally traditional style. There is a wide brick aisle of 1575-80 by William Say and just west of that a tiny mortuary chapel of the mid 17th century.

              ickenham_st_giles270312_33  ickenham_st_giles270312_36
 ickenham_st_giles270312_37  ???????????????????????????????
 ickenham_st_giles270312_26  ickenham_st_giles270312_24
ickenham_st_giles270312_31  ickenham_st_giles270312_7
 ickenham_st_giles270312_21  ickenham_st_giles270312_12
 ickenham_st_giles270312_20  ickenham_st_giles270312_13
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 ickenham_st_giles270312_16  ???????????????????????????????
 ickenham_st_giles270312_5  ickenham_st_giles270312_23

St Mary, Church Hill, Harefield

One of outer London’s most fascinating churches. It lies south of the village centre down a long driveway. The church is mainly 14th century, with a 13th century chancel.The tower and north aisle are 16th century. However the interior is the a main feature, there are plaster ceilings from the 18th century by Henry Keene, a chancel crammed full of monuments and raised so high above the nave to accommodate a mausoleum that the three decker pulpit hardly shows above its floor. Most monuments are to the Newdigate family from the 15th to the 19th century.

              harefield_st_mary270312_46  harefield_st_mary270312_49
 harefield_st_mary270312_43  harefield_st_mary270312_37
 harefield_st_mary270312_39  harefield_st_mary270312_34
 harefield_st_mary270312_13  harefield_st_mary270312_29
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 harefield_st_mary270312_5  harefield_st_mary270312_7
 harefield_st_mary270312_10  harefield_st_mary270312_6
 harefield_st_mary270312_17  harefield_st_mary270312_2
 harefield_st_mary270312_25  harefield_st_mary270312_33

St Paul, Merles Avenue, Harefield (Roman Catholic)

In the centre of the village, a church of 1964 by Broadbent, Hastings, Read & New of Twickenham, originally a dual purpose building but a separate hall was created in 1973-74.

harefield_st_paul_rc270312_ harefield_st_paul_rc270312_1