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All Saints, All Saints Road, South Wimbledon

In back streets, it is by J.T.  Micklethwaite and Somers-Clarke and dates from 1891-93.

south_wimbledon_all_saints40215_ south_wimbledon_all_saints40215_4
 south_wimbledon_all_saints40215_3  south_wimbledon_all_saints40215_1

St Joseph, High Street, Colliers Wood (Roman Catholic)

A little way north of the tube station, a small church of 1966 by Conor Fahy.

colliers_wood_st_joseph_rc40215_  colliers_wood_st_joseph_rc40215_4

Christ Church, Christchurch Road, Colliers Wood

A short way south of Colliers Wood tube station. It’s a church of 1875 by F. & H. Francis.

 colliers_wood_christchurch240215_  colliers_wood_christchurch240215_1

Our Lady of Assumption, Links Road, Tooting

On the edge of Tooting, a church of 1988 by Paul Michelmore of Sanders & Michelmore , the west end was added in 2005 by a different, unknown architect.

tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_ tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_1
 tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_12  tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_13
 tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_10  tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_9
 tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_6  tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_4
 tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_7  tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_8
 tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_2  tooting_our_lady_of_assumption290115_3

St Barnabas, Gorringe Park Avenue, Mitcham

Just north of the Fygges Marsh open space, this is a large church of 1914 by H.P. Burke-Downing, the adjacent hall is also by him from 1908.

mitcham_st_barnabas290115_ mitcham_st_barnabas290115_4
 mitcham_st_barnabas290115_7  mitcham_st_barnabas290115_11
 mitcham_st_barnabas290115_5  mitcham_st_barnabas290115_8
 mitcham_st_barnabas290115_9  mitcham_st_barnabas290115_3

St Olave, Church Walk, Mitcham

At the end of two dead end roads, a church of 1931 by A.C. Martin.

mitcham_st_olave290115_1  mitcham_st_olave290115_2
 mitcham_st_olave290115_3  mitcham_st_olave290115_4

The Ascension, Sherwood Park Road, Pollards Hill, Mitcham

A suburban church of 1951-53 designed by Caroe and Partners.

pollards_hill_ascension290115_ pollards_hill_ascension290115_2
 pollards_hill_ascension290115_3  pollards_hill_ascension290115_5
 pollards_hill_ascension290115_6  pollards_hill_ascension290115_4

St Mark, St Mark’s Road, Mitcham

Not far from the town centre. The church is by R.M. Chart and dates from 1899-1910. The nave is now divided off and the worship space is in the eastern parts of the building.

 mitcham_st_mark290115_ mitcham_st_mark290115_1
 mitcham_st_mark290115_5  mitcham_st_mark290115_7
 mitcham_st_mark290115_6  mitcham_st_mark290115_8

St Peter and St Paul, Cranmer Road, Mitcham (Roman Catholic)

Facing Mitcham Green, this is a small church of 1888 by F.A. Walters. The font now sits outside in the garden at the east end.

St Peter and St Paul, Church Road, Mitcham

A rebuilding of the old parish church, it dates from 1819-21 and is by George Smith. It sits in a corner of a very large churchyard, well away from the centre of Mitcham.

mitcham_st_peter_st_paul290115_ mitcham_st_peter_st_paul290115_2
 mitcham_st_peter_st_paul290115_3  mitcham_st_peter_st_paul290115_10
 mitcham_st_peter_st_paul290115_6  mitcham_st_peter_st_paul290115_5