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St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Bishopsford Road, Morden (Roman Catholic)

On the St Helier estate, this is a suburban church of 1937 by W.C. Mangan.

  morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_4  morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_3
 morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_2  morden_st_therea_of_the_child_of_the_god290115_1

St Mary, Church Lane, Merton

The ancient parish church of Merton, it is in a large churchyard in the old village. The exterior was refaced and new aisles (north –  Benjamin Ferrey 1856, south – F. Digweed 1856). The core of the building is a Norman nave and 13th-century chancel. The arch into the vicarage is of c.1175 and came from Merton Priory.

St James, Martin Way, Morden

Two churches at right angles to each other. The older one was built in 1934 and became a hall when the newer one facing the street was built in 1956-57. Both are by T.F. Ford. Access was only possible to a day chapel in the link between the two.

merton_st_james230115_ merton_st_james230115_2
 merton_st_james230115_13  merton_st_james230115_12
 merton_st_james230115_8  merton_st_james230115_7
 merton_st_james230115_5  merton_st_james230115_6
 merton_st_james230115_10  merton_st_james230115_3

St John Fisher, Cannon Hill Lane, Merton

A church of 1962 by F.G. Broadbent. The stained glass Stations of the Cross are by Patrick Reytiens.

merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_1
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_6  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_18
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_8  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_14
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_2  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_7
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_11  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_10
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_12  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_9
 merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_5  merton_st_john_fisher_rc230115_13

St Martin, Camborne Drive, Morden

Hidden away in suburban streets, this is a church of 1957 by F. Sutton-Smith.

morden_st_martin230115_ morden_st_martin230115_5
 morden_st_martin230115_4  morden_st_martin230115_3

Emmanuel, Stonecot Hill/Dudley Drive, Morden

This church would be in North Cheam in the London Borough of Sutton if it was over the road. It is of 1962 and designed by K.C. White. The western balcony was added when the west end was divided off to form a meeting area/entrance. The hall next door was originally used as the church.

morden_emmanuel230115_  morden_emmanuel230115_1
 morden_emmanuel230115_2  morden_emmanuel230115_6

St Lawrence, London Road, Morden

Morden parish church has an unusual building date of 1636, it is suggested that it may be a brick refacing of an older structure.

     morden_st_lawrence230115_8  morden_st_lawrence230115_3
 morden_st_lawrence230115_4  morden_st_lawrence230115_6
 morden_st_lawrence230115_1  morden_st_lawrence230115_2
  morden_st_laurence290115_1  morden_st_laurence290115_2
 morden_st_laurence290115_14  morden_st_laurence290115_9
 morden_st_laurence290115_15  morden_st_laurence290115_5
 morden_st_laurence290115_  morden_st_laurence290115_13
 morden_st_laurence290115_10  morden_st_laurence290115_7
 morden_st_laurence290115_8  morden_st_laurence290115_3

St George, Central Road, Morden

Serving the northern part of the huge St Helier estate. This church was built in 1932 and designed by T.N. Ashford, originally as a hall to a wooden church next door. These are now linked by a more recent building.

morden_st_george230115_  morden_st_george230115_2
 morden_st_george230115_3  morden_st_george230115_1

St John the Divine, High Path, Merton

Near South Wimbledon Station. On a cramped site, a church by C.H. Gage of 1914.

 merton_st_john_the_divine230115_1  merton_st_john_the_divine230115_3
 merton_st_john_the_divine230115_7  merton_st_john_the_divine230115_4

St Winefride, Merton Road/Latimer Road, Wimbledon (Roman Catholic)

Just down the road from Holy Trinity, a large Byzantine building of 1905 by F. A. Walters.

wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_1  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_25
 wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_27  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_16
 wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_8  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_2
 wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_12  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_19
 wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_24  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_9
 wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_11  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_6
 wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_13  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_18
 wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_21  wimbledon_st_winifrede_rc230115_7