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St Nicholas, Gladding Road, Manor Park (Roman Catholic)

Apse end on to the road, with a nursery in the lower storey this is a church of 1869-70 by Gilbert Blount.

  manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_3  manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_4
 manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_1  manor_park_st_nicholas_rc230513_

St Mark, Lorne Road, Forest Gate

A small APEC multi purpose centre of 1986, in back streets between Forest Gate and Manor Park

  manor_park_st_mark230513_2  manor_park_st_mark230513_1

St Paul, Burges Road, East Ham

In a residential area, a church of 1933 by Charles Spooner joined to a mission church of 1907, now a hall, by a foyer of 1993 by Raymond Hall.

  east_ham_st_paul130513_2  east_ham_st_paul130513_4
east_ham_st_paul130513_ east_ham_st_paul130513_1

St Bartholomew, Newham

East Ham’s town centre church. It is part of a multi purpose centre by APEC dating from 1979-85. The font is from the previous church on the site.

          east_ham_st_barnabas130513_6 east_ham_st_barnabas130513_1
 east_ham_st_barnabas130513_7 east_ham_st_barnabas130513_3
 east_ham_st_barnabas130513_9 east_ham_st_barnabas130513_12
east_ham_st_barnabas130513_11  east_ham_st_barnabas130513_
east_ham_st_barnabas130513_4 east_ham_st_barnabas130513_10

St Michael, Tilbury Road, East Ham (Roman Catholic)

Designed by A.J. Newton of Newton and Burles and built in 1959, in a quiet street near Central Park.

east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_2 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_4
east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_5  east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_8
 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_7 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_6
 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_3 east_ham_st_michael_rc130513_

St George and St Ethelbert, Burford Road, East Ham

Deep in residential East Ham a brick church of 1935-37 by Newberry and Fowler inspired by Hereford cathedral and partly paid for by that diocese.

east_ham_st_george130513_3 east_ham_st_george130513_
 east_ham_st_george130513_4 east_ham_st_george130513_5
 east_ham_st_george130513_6  east_ham_st_george130513_1

Our Lady of Compassion, Upton Park (Roman Catholic)

Hard against West Ham’s former stadium site, a church of 1911 by R.L. Curtis.

upton_park_our_lady_rc130513_1 upton_park_our_lady_rc130513_2

St Martin, Boundary Road, Upton Park

A small church of 1894, extended by Cornell and Vermeulen 1991-97.

  upton_park_st_martin130513_  upton_park_st_martin130513_1

St Mark, Silvertown (former)

One of S.S.Teulon’s major buildings dating from 1860-62, standing almost alone normally, but currently partly surrounded by a crossrail construction site. As at St Stephen’s, Rosslyn Hill the church stood disused and vandalized, before being restored as Brick Lane Music Hall between 1984-89 by Julian Harrap.

   silvertown_st_mark_former130513_9 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_5
 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_7 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_4
 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_8 silvertown_st_mark_former130513_2

St John with St Mary and St Edward, Albert Road, North Woolwich

A rather forbidding looking joint Anglican and Roman Catholic church of 1968 by Laurence King and Partners.

north_woolwich_st_john130513_  north_woolwich_st_john130513_3