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St Luke, Alpha Grove, Millwall, Isle of Dogs

A new church which replaces the church of 1960 that closed in 2012, which itself replaced a war-damaged 19th-century church. It was opened in October 2018 as part of a mixed development with housing. The worship area is in the glazed area at first-floor level. It was designed by Phelan Architects.

Royal Foundation of St Katherine, Butcher Row, Ratcliffe

Originally a religious community founded in 1147, it has had several homes, including the building that is now St Katherine’s Danish church by Regent’s Park. It moved to this site, the bombed site of St James, Ratcliffe, after WW2. R.E. Enthoven designed new buildings including a chapel in 1950-52. The chapel was refurbished in 2003-2004 by PRP Architects. The refurbishment included enlarged windows and a new window at the east end. The furnishings are a mixture of new and medieval ones brought from previous chapels.

limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_49 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_38  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_5
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_13  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_15
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_16  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_19
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_4  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_23
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_18  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_35
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_36  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_37
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_39  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_43
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_48  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_1
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_22  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_24
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_45  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_41
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_32  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_11
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_12  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_29
 limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_34  limehouse_st_katherine_foundation150916_31

St George’s German Lutheran Church, Alie Street, Whitechapel

Built in 1762-63 and attributed to Joel Johnson. Since 1998 it has been cared for by the Historic Chapels Trust. It retains most of its 18th century furnishings

whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_35 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_31
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_33  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_9
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_28  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_19
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_11  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_8
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_18  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_21
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_22  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_26
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_30  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_27
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_23  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_20
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_5  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_6
 whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_14  whitechapel_gerrman_lutheran150916_15

St Mark, Cadogan Terrace, Old Ford (former)

Built 1973-76 to replace a war damaged church, now a Montessori nursery just outside the south eastern (St Mark’s) gates of Victoria Park.

old_ford-st_mark210815_  old_ford_st_mark_former161113_1

St John, Scandrett Street, Wapping (former)

Built in 1756 and designed by Joel Johnson. Mostly destroyed in WW2 but the tower was reconstructed in 1964 with flats built on to it in a sympathetic style in the 1990s.

wapping_st_john_former141113_4 wapping_st_john_former141113_1

St Patrick, Green Bank, Wapping (Roman Catholic)

Immediately behind the former anglican church of St John it is a large classical church of 1877-79 designed by F.W. Tasker.

        wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_15 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_2
 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_11  wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_6
 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_1  wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_12
 wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_7  wapping_st_patrick_rc141113_13

St Mary and St Michael, Commercial Road, Shadwell (Roman Catholic)

A very large church, with a truncated west tower. It was designed by W.W. Wardell and built 1856 and repaired by Arthur Sterrett following war damage.

shadwell_st_mary_and_st_michael_rc141113_7 shadwell_st_mary_and_st_michael_rc141113_2
 shadwell_st_mary_and_st_michael_rc141113_4  shadwell_st_mary_and_st_michael_rc141113_5

Our Lady Immaculate with St Frederick (Roman Catholic), Commercial Road, Limehouse

Facing a busy main road, a church of 1925 by A.J. Sparrow. The wooden statue of Christ the Steersman was designed to be seen from the Thames.

limehouse_our_lady_immaculate_rc141113_2  limehouse_our_lady_immaculate_rc141113_3
 limehouse_our_lady_immaculate_rc141113_1  limehouse_our_lady_immaculate_rc141113_5

Christ Church and St John, Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs

A landmark at the southern tip of the Isle of Dogs. It was designed by Frederick Johnstone and built 1852-54, new vestries and restoration by J.E.K and J.P. Cutts in 1906-07.

isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_  isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_2
 isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_1 isle_of_dogs_christ_church141113_4

St Peter, WestIndia Quay, Isle of Dogs

A floating church in the shadow of the Canary Wharf development. It has been in place since 2003 outside the Docklands Museum.

isle_of_dogs_st_peters141113_  isle_of_dogs_st_peters141113_1