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St Edmund, West Ferry Road, Isle of Dogs (Roman Catholic)

On the main road along the west side of the island it was built in 1999-2000 by David Aitken to replace a 19th century church.

isle_of_dogs_st_edmund_rcr141113_  isle_of_dogs_st_edmund_rcr141113_4

St Luke, Alpha Grove, Isle of Dogs(replaced by a new building)

Not far from Canary Wharf but in a much less well known area of the Isle of Dogs, disused from 2012, when the church moved to worship in a local school. It was built in 1960 to replace an older church. A new church on the corner of Alpha Grove and Havannah Street was opened in October 2018..

isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_  isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_1
 isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_3  isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_8
 isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_10  isle_of_dogs_st_luke_former141113_5

St Michael and All Angels (former), Poplar

A notable landmark by R.W. Morris (1864-65) and now converted into flats.

poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_  poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_2
 poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_5  poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_7

St Nicholas and All Hallows, Aberfeldy Street, Poplar

A Seeley and Paget church of 1953-55, it closed in 1968 to be used as a store for vinyl discs and reopened in 1997 and repaired by Keith Harrison Architects (Tim Hornsby).

  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_3 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_6
 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_5  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_

St Paul, Dock Street (former)

Built as a seaman’s mission in 1846-47 by Henry Roberts, it became a parish church in 1864 and a nursery in 2002.

   whitechapel_st_paul_dock_street_former161113_4 whitechapel_st_paul_dock_street_former161113_

St Mary and St Joseph, Upper North Street, Poplar (Roman Catholic)

Built to replace a war damaged church. It is a bulky massive church of 1954 by Adrian Gilbert Scott.

poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_2 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_8
 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_14  poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_17
 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_16  poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_11

St Saviour, Northumbria St, Poplar (former)

Designed by F.J. and H. Francis and built in 1873-74, made redundant in 1976 but burnt out in 2007. It remains as a shell on the edge of Bartlett Park.

 poplar_st_saviour_former141113_9  poplar_st_saviour_former141113_8
 poplar_st_saviour_former141113_14  poplar_st_saviour_former141113_6
 poplar_st_saviour_former141113_11  poplar_st_saviour_former141113_4

Guardian Angels, Mile End Road, Mile End, E3 4QS (Roman Catholic)

Facing on to the Mile End Road next to the green bridge that carries Mile End Park across the road. Built in 1901-02 by F.A. Walters.

mile_end_guardian_angels_rc071113_ mile_end_guardian_angels_rc071113_2
 mile_end_guardian_angels_rc071113_4   mile_end_guardian_angels_rc210815_1

Our Lady and St Catherine, Bow Road, Bow (Roman Catholic)

Over the road from the Anglican Bow Church. It was formerly a convent church. Designed by Gilbert Blount in 1869-70. The transept was added in 1882 by A.E. Purdie.

  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_7  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_4
 bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_  bow_our_lady_and_st_catherine_rc071113_3

All Hallows, Devons Road, Bow

A church of 1873-74 by Ewan Christian, badly damaged in WW2 and rebuilt 1954-55 by A.P. Robinson of Caroe and Partners

bow_all_hallows071113_ bow_all_hallows071113_3
 bow_all_hallows071113_1  bow_all_hallows071113_2