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St Bede, Clapham Road, Clapham (former)

Built as a church for the deaf by Edward Maufe in 1924. It became a social club run by the Royal Association of Deaf People but was for sale in 2014. A visit in April 2019 shows that it has been bought by the Cherubim and Seraphim Church (upper two images).

clapham_st_bede131114_1  clapham_st_bede131114_2
 clapham_st_bede131114_6  clapham_st_bede131114_7
 clapham_st_bede131114_5  clapham_st_bede131114_4

St Thomas, Boston Road, Hanwell

Serving the south of Hanwell, this church was designed by Edward Maufe in 1934. The crucifixion on the east wall, facing the road is by Eric Gill.

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 hanwell_st_thomas161014_6  hanwell_st_thomas161014_7
 hanwell_st_thomas161014_5  hanwell_st_thomas161014_10
 hanwell_st_thomas161014_8                hanwell_st_thomas221014_54
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_1  hanwell_st_thomas221014_23
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_7  hanwell_st_thomas221014_3
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_49  hanwell_st_thomas221014_21
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_34  hanwell_st_thomas221014_39
 ???????????????????????????????  hanwell_st_thomas221014_42
 ???????????????????????????????  hanwell_st_thomas221014_
 hanwell_st_thomas221014_6  hanwell_st_thomas221014_27

St Thomas Syriac Orthodox Cathedral (formerly St Saviour C of E), Old Oak Road, East Acton

A tall church (there are rooms at ground floor level and the worship space upstairs) not far off the Uxbridge Road. It was designed by Edward Maufe as a church for deaf people in 1924-27. It was owned and managed by the Royal Association for Deaf People but closed in April 2014 and it was in May 2014 being offered for sale. It has since (October 2016) become St Thomas Syriac Orthodox Cathedral (consecrated in  November 2016). When this entry was originally written the Cathedral was in a modern building to the rear of this one.

Pictures below are from when the church

was disused and up for sale in May 2014

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 acton_st_saviour120514_  acton_st_saviour120514_1
 acton_st_saviour120514_11  ???????????????????????????????
 acton_st_saviour120514_5  acton_st_saviour120514_6

St Alphege, Hertford Road, Edmonton

At the northern edge of Edmonton a church of 1957-58 by Edward Maufe.

 edmonton_st_alphege130613_3 edmonton_st_alphege130613_6