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St Luke, Greenleaf Road, Walthamstow

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In back streets just north of the town centre and now disused was and up for sale (May 2013) when originally photographed. It is now used by the Ruach City Church, an evangelical organisation. It was built in 1901-02 by Bottle and Olley. The chancel was extended in 1923. The first 4 pictures show it in September 2019, the remainder are from 2013.

      walthamstow_st_luke040513_6 walthamstow_st_luke040513_2
 walthamstow_st_luke040513_5 walthamstow_st_luke040513_7
walthamstow_st_luke040513_3 walthamstow_st_luke040513_
 walthamstow_st_luke040513_8 walthamstow_st_luke040513_4


  1. Walthamstow worshipper says:

    Sadly this historic building is no longer St Luke’s Church. The diocese was unwilling to spend any money on the much needed repairs to the building so they ejected the congregation and told them to be a ‘Fresh Expressions’ church leading a nomadic life in Walthamstow market, on a stall if dry and in a cafe if wet, and in their own homes.
    Then the building was sold for £1.2 million to a Non-conformist Church called Ruach Ministries who knew that the building was a viable place of worship.
    it was a masterstroke by the diocese. Fresh Expressions is flavour of the month so brownie points there, and £1.2 million in the coffers was music to the ears.

  2. Cheryl Ralph says:

    Sad to hear of St Luke, I went there when I was a young child until I was 18. The congregation and community was a very welcoming one. I moved away when I was 18, I returned once or twice since leaving, but unfortunately not in recent years. Very sad news.

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