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St Michael, Cobham Close, Wandsworth Common

Very near Wandsworth Common, this is a church and former school of 1881 by William White. It was built as a memorial to Rev H.B. Verdon and Philip Cazenove, all the money raised by their friends. The stained glass is, apart from the south chapel, by Lavers, Barraud & Westlake.

St Stephen (former), Battersea Park Road, Battersea now Assemblies of the First Born (Pentecostal)

Towards the western end of this long road on the corner of Battersea Bridge Road. It is by William White and dates from 1886-87.

battersea_st_stephen_former170117_10  battersea_st_stephen_former170117_6
 battersea_st_stephen_former170117_5  battersea_st_stephen_former170117_

St Mark, Battersea Rise, Battersea

A William White church of 1872-74, now with a offices added on the west and southern sides.I was allowed to photograph the interior but only for non publication. The interior is treated flexibly with moveable chairs and much storage for a food bank and other activities and the typical evangelical church keyboards, guitars and drums.

  battersea_rise_st_mark050117_5 battersea_rise_st_mark050117_8
 battersea_rise_st_mark050117_1  battersea_rise_st_mark050117_3

St Anne, St Ann’s Hill, Wandsworth

The very tall tower can be seen from some way off. It dates from 1820-24 and is by Robert Smirke. It sits on a slope at the top of a large green space. The chancel was added in 1896 by E.W. Mountford, there was also work by William White in 1891.

        wandsworth_st_anne050117_1 wandsworth_st_anne050117_14
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_4  wandsworth_st_anne050117_3
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_13  wandsworth_st_anne050117_6
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_11  wandsworth_st_anne050117_7
 wandsworth_st_anne050117_10  wandsworth_st_anne050117_9

All Saints, Talbot Road, Notting Hill

Built 1852-61 and designed by William White. The tall tower was surmounted by a spire. War time damage was repaired by Milner & Craze in 1951.

 notting_hill_all_saints020415_  notting_hill_all_saints020415_16
 notting_hill_all_saints020415_9  notting_hill_all_saints020415_15 (2)
 notting_hill_all_saints020415_3  notting_hill_all_saints020415_6

St Silas, Penton Street, Pentonville

Started in 1860 to designs by S.S. Teulon but completed in 1863 by E.P. Loftus Brock, the chancel was added in 1884 by William White. In 2009 it was re-roofed using solar tiles. The reredos and Stations of the Cross are by Michael Coles.

islington_st_silas191213_ islington_st_silas191213_1
 islington_st_silas191213_2  pentonville_st_silas171015_47
 islington_st_silas191213_3                    pentonville_st_silas171015_48
 pentonville_st_silas171015_25  pentonville_st_silas171015_11
 pentonville_st_silas171015_44  pentonville_st_silas171015_45
 pentonville_st_silas171015_29  pentonville_st_silas171015_5
 pentonville_st_silas171015_28  pentonville_st_silas171015_10
 pentonville_st_silas171015_12  pentonville_st_silas171015_18
 pentonville_st_silas171015_20  pentonville_st_silas171015_46
 pentonville_st_silas171015_27  pentonville_st_silas171015_33
 pentonville_st_silas171015_34  pentonville_st_silas171015_35
 pentonville_st_silas171015_36  pentonville_st_silas171015_37

St Saviour, Aberdeen Park, Highbury

Designed by William White 1865-66 with much polychromatic interior decoration. It has been used since 1990 as The Florence Trust artist’s studios, however, it seems likely that 2019 will be the last year of this use.

highbury_st_saviour_aberdeen_park221112_7 highbury_st_saviour_aberdeen_park221112_5