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St Andrew, Maple Road, Surbiton

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In western Surbiton, an early work by Arthur Blomfield dating from 1871. The glass is by Lavers, Barraud and Westlake.

surbiton_st_andrew251014_ surbiton_st_andrew251014_1
 surbiton_st_andrew200214_4 surbiton_st_andrew200214_6
 surbiton_st_andrew251014_3  surbiton_st_andrew200214_3
 surbiton_st_andrew040915_1  surbiton_st_andrew040915_7
 surbiton_st_andrew040915_15  surbiton_st_andrew040915_35
 surbiton_st_andrew040915_36  surbiton_st_andrew040915_28
 surbiton_st_andrew040915_10  surbiton_st_andrew040915_12
 surbiton_st_andrew040915_20  surbiton_st_andrew040915_19
 surbiton_st_andrew040915_2  surbiton_st_andrew040915_16

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