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St Mary and St Shenoudah, Rickman Hill, Coulsdon (Coptic Orthodox)

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Well away from the town centre, up a steep hill. The congregation was formed in 1988 and uses a building that was opened in 1928 as St Francis CoE church, extended in the 1960s but declared redundant in 1987. It had been a chapel to St Andrew’s church. The architect is unknown.


  1. Bea says:

    I’m still sad that this beautiful church was declared redundant by the Church of England. I was baptized there in 1971 as a four year old by the vicar, Mr Kerley and I used to attend with my godmother, Phyllis Martin every Sunday and went to the Sunday School there, I even became part of the church choir. As a seven year old, I promised myself I’d get married there, someday.

  2. Valerie Mottram says:

    I share your sadness at the closure of St. Francis church. My eldest son was baptised at St. Francis in 1981 and the funeral of my first husband was held at St. Francis in 1984. Later that year our younger baby son was baptised at the Harvest Festival service. I remarried at St. Francis in 1987 and it was some months later that the church was closed down. I remember Phyllis Martin as she lived next door to us.

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