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St Mary and St Shenoudah, Rickman Hill, Coulsdon (Coptic Orthodox)

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Well away from the town centre, up a steep hill. The congregation was formed in 1988 and uses a building that was opened in 1928 as St Francis CoE church, extended in the 1960s but declared redundant in 1987. It had been a chapel to St Andrew’s church. The architect is unknown.

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  1. Bea says:

    I’m still sad that this beautiful church was declared redundant by the Church of England. I was baptized there in 1971 as a four year old by the vicar, Mr Kerley and I used to attend with my godmother, Phyllis Martin every Sunday and went to the Sunday School there, I even became part of the church choir. As a seven year old, I promised myself I’d get married there, someday.

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