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St Andrew Undershaft, Leadenhall Street, City of London

A medieval church that has undergone many restorations, the last being 1875-76 by Ewan Christian and A. Blomfield , 1883 (tower top) by T. Chatfield Clarke and 1992 after IRA bombing blew out much glass. In 2012 it was reordered with new flooring and westward rooms as it is now used as a meeting venue by the St Helen’s Bishopsgate organisation.

city_st_andrew_undershaft191214_  city_st_andrew_undershaft110114_1
 city_st_andrew_undershaft191214_2  city_st_andrew_undershaft110114_3

St Andrew, Bethune Road, Stamford Hill

On a crossroads west of Stamford Hill. It dates from 1883-84 and is an A.W.Blomfield design. The interior features an almost complete decorative scheme by Heaton, Butler & Bayne.

stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_6                         stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_5
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_1  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_4
 stamford_hill_st_andrew281113_8  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_96
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_13  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_11
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_78  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_27
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_9  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_69
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_73  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_100
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_71  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_41
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_125  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_64
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_23  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_15
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_17  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_21
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_20  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_54
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_110  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_114
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_62  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_25
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_63  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_26
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_24  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_28
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_22  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_14
 stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_10  stamford_hill_st_andrew030315_33

Holy Innocents, Tottenham Lane, Hornsey

An early A.W. Blomfield church of 1877. The unusual tower crowns a hill. Church website

hornsey_holy_innocents190913_ hornsey_holy_innocents190913_5

All Saints, Church Road, Highgate

Difficult to view clearly, a church of 1864 by A.W. Blomfield with a south aisle added in 1874 and a north aisle in 1912 by J. Stockdale

  highgate_all_saints190913_3 highgate_all_saints190913_1
 highgate_all_saints190913_2  highgate_all_saints190913_4

Christ Church, Crescent Rd, Crouch End, N8 8AX

An early church by A.W. Blomfield, 1861, the nave, chancel and north aisle, 1867 south aisle, 1873 tower and spire, 1881 west porch, 1906 north aisle enlarged by W.A. Pite.

crouch_end_christ_church190913_ crouch_end_christ_church190913_1
 crouch_end_christ_church190913_5  crouch_end_christ_church190913_4





Christ Church, Chalk Lane, Cockfosters EN4 9JQ

Down a small lane opposite Cockfosters tube station, a Commissioners style church of 1839 by H.E. Kendall. The eastern parts and north aisle were added by Arthur Blomfield in 1898.

cockfosters_christchurch170613_1 cockfosters_christchurch170613_9
 cockfosters_christchurch170613_4 cockfosters_christchurch170613_6

Christ Church, Francis Road, Leyton

Hidden in backstreets and very evangelical. Dating from 1902 and designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield and Son. The east wall was added in 1959 by Humphreys and Hirst.

leyton_christ_church180413_2  leyton_christ_church180413_

St Andrew, Leytonstone

Close to Whipps Cross hospital and right next to a southern extension of Epping Forest. A large church of 1887-92 by Sir Arthur Blomfield. Inside the nave’s western three bays have been divided off to create a hall area. Much of the stained glass is interesting arts and crafts work by Margaret Chilton, added over a long period during the first half of the 20th century.


leytonstone_st_andrew180413_8 leytonstone_st_andrew180413_9
leytonstone_st_andrew180413_7 leytonstone_st_andrew180413_5

St Peter and St Paul, Chingford

A large church at one end of the modern Chingford town centre. The nave is by Lewis Vulliamy and dates from 1844. The east end was added in 1903 by Sir Arthur Blomfield & Sons, with a south chapel of 1936 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day.


All Saints, Romford Road, Manor Park

A large church near Woodgrange Park Station. It was built in 1886 and designed by A.W. Blomfield. It is now (November 2017) threatened with demolition.

 forest_gate_all_saints280213_2  forest_gate_all_saints280213_