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St Margaret, Lee Terrace, Lee

This church replaces the ancient parish church which was sited over the road and of which the tower base survives. The rest of that church had been rebuilt in 1813 but was structurally unsound and replaced by the current church by John Brown of Norwich in 1839-1841. From outside it is a rather typical design of its time but inside a complex decorative scheme of the late 19th century has been restored. James Brooks lengthened the chancel, added chancel aisles and a wooden vault between 1875 and 1888.

St John the Evangelist, Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith

A short way north of the town centre and now in grounds of Godolphyn and Latimer School. The church is still consecrated but not in public use. It was designed by William Butterfield and built in 1857-59.


Christ Church, Turnham Green, Chiswick

Set in the middle of Turnham Green a little way off the main road, this is an early Gilbert Scott building, in fact by Scott and Moffatt and dating from 1841-43.  A longer chancel was added by James Brooks in 1887. The nave interior has been divided in two with only the chancel retaining older furnishings.


St John the Apostle, High Road, Whetstone

At the south end of the town centre. It was built in 1832, with James Brooks adding window tracery, roof, chancel and vestry in 1879. The east window is by Morris & Co dating from 1880.


St Andrew, Totteridge

In the select surroundings of Totteridge Village. The bell turret dates from 1706 and the church itself was rebuilt by William Ketteridge in 1790. James Brooks added the chancel, nave roof and tracery  in 1869. This is a very dark church as every window is filled with stained glass.


St Luke, Browning Road, Enfield

One of James Brooks’ final churches, eastern parts 1899-1900 and nave 1908. High on a ridge in the north of the borough.

enfield_st_luke021211_12  enfield_st_luke120914_15
 enfield_st_luke120914_8  enfield_st_luke021211_19
 enfield_st_luke021211_20  enfield_st_luke120914_1
            enfield_st_luke120914_13  enfield_st_luke120914_5
 enfield_st_luke120914_9  enfield_st_luke120914_7
 enfield_st_luke120914_6  enfield_st_luke120914_3
 enfield_st_luke120914_2  enfield_st_luke120914_10

All Hallows, Savernake Road, Gospel Oak

Possibly the best James Brooks church (though unfinished) dating from 1889-1901.The chancel was added 1913-15 by Giles Gilbert Scott, but the nave vault was never built, hence the cut off springer arches on each column.

     gospel_oak_all_hallows051211_16  gospel_oak_all_hallows051211_11
 gospel_oak_all_hallows051211_12  gospel_oak_all_hallows051211_17
                   gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_37  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_38
 gospel_oak_all_hallows051211_9  gospel_oak_all_hallows051211_18
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_1  gospel_oak_all_hallows051211_7
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_4  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_33
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_7  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_29
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_32  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_26
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_24  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_31
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_20  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_19
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_18  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_17
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_5  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_16
 gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_3  gospel_oak_all_hallows200915_6

St Columba (fomer), Kingsland Road, Hoxton now Christ Apostolic Church

Originally an Anglican church of St Columba, of 1869-71 by James Brooks. Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel) since 1980.

 haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_11 haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_7
 haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_  haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_12
 haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_9  haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_1
 haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_3  haggerston_christ_apostolic_kingsland_road051211_6
    haggerston_st_columba180916_3  haggerston_st_columba180916_5
 haggerston_st_columba180916_4  haggerston_st_columba180916_2
 haggerston_st_columba180916_  haggerston_st_columba180916_9

St Michael, Mark Street, Shoreditch

An early James Brooks church of 1863-65. It closed in 1964 and can now be visited as it is an architectural salvage store.

haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_  haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_3
 haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_10  haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_5
 haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_14  haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_13
 haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_8  haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_7
 haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_11  haggerston_st_michael_mark_street051211_9

Holy Innocents, Paddenswick Road, Hammersmith

Designed by James Brooks  in 1887 and built 1889-91. In 1991 the church was divided horizontally and vertically with the western end becoming halls and a nursery, leaving the transepts and chancel as the church space. The Lady Chapel at the eastern end of the south transept was also removed. Older halls to the south-east were replaced by housing. The interior is still typically Brooks and contains a huge baldacchino by Ernest Geldart and glass designed by Henry Holliday.