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Christ Church, Old Kent Road, Camberwell

The east end faces the road. The church dates from 1867-68 and is by the “Rogue” architect Enoch Bassett Keeling. The spire has been lost, replaced by a simple tower top. War damage was repaired by Thomas F. Ford.

St Mark (Former), Coburg Road, Camberwell now New Peckham Mosque

The chancel, nave eastern end and south chancel aisle are by R. Norman saw from 1879-1884. The western end, that is visible from Coburg Road, dates from 1932. It closed as a church in 1965 and was in various uses until it became the New Peckham Mosque in 1980. It is on the edge of the late 20th century Burgess Park.

St Giles, Camberwell Church Street, Camberwell

Alongside the road with a spacious but cleared churchyard behind. This is an early Scott and Moffat church from 1844, it replaced a church that burnt down in 1841. It is one of the earliest large scholarly gothic revival churches. There are several brasses and the sedilla from the previous church. The south transept has late Comper glass and the great east window which survived wartime bombing is by Ward and Nixon to designs by John Ruskin (a rare example of a design by him) and Edmund Oldfield.

Cathedral of St Mary, Camberwell New Road, Camberwell (Greek Orthodox)

Built as a Catholic Apostolic Church in 1873 by J. & J. Belcher. A long low building with a rather taller east end. It was taken over as a Greek Orthodox church in 1963 and designated a cathedral in 1977.


Sacred Heart, Camberwell New Road/Knatchbull Road, Camberwell (Roman Catholic)

Squashed up against the railway and designed to minimise noise intrusion. It is by Donald Plaskett Marshall and dates from 1953 in replacement of a bombed church of 1863.


St Michael and All Angels, Wyndham Grove, Camberwell

One of the newest Anglican churches in London. It replaces a church of 1974 by T.F. Ford that was a short way further down the road. It was built as part of the redevelopment of ARK All Saints Academy. A tall concrete tower at the street front marks out a  brick building alongside and behind. The building dates from 2014

Debre Sahl St Michael, Edmund Street, Camberwell (Eritrean Orthodox Church)

There is what appears to be a former commercial building with a hall attached south of Burgess Park.

St George (Former), Wells Way, Camberwell

This is the oldest C of E church in Camberwell, but was made redundant  in 1970 and left disused and badly neglected for many years. However it is now converted to residential use. It is by Francis Bedford and dates from 1822-24. The apse was added by Basil Champneys in 1893.

St George, Coleman Road, Camberwell

Replacing the now disused church of 1824. This is a small church in the much large Trinity College Centre. It dates from 1982 and is by Millard Wright and Wynn. The crucifix is by Martin Travers and the new glass is by Michael Haig. There are a few items from the now-closed St George a short way away.


St Luke, Chandler Way, North Peckham

A bulky brick building of 1953. The original plan was by A.C. Martin but it was completed by Romilly Craze.