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Holy Spirit, Narbonne Avenue, Clapham

Just off Abbeville Road east of the Common. It is a very tall church of 1912-13 by H.P. Burke-Downing.

         clapham_holy_spirit291114_14  clapham_holy_spirit291114_18
 clapham_holy_spirit291114_19  clapham_holy_spirit291114_20
 clapham_holy_spirit291114_1  clapham_holy_spirit291114_17
 clapham_holy_spirit291114_7  clapham_holy_spirit291114_4
 clapham_holy_spirit291114_12  clapham_holy_spirit291114_9
 clapham_holy_spirit291114_2  clapham_holy_spirit291114_3
 clapham_holy_spirit291114_5  clapham_holy_spirit291114_8

St Paul, Rectory Grove, Clapham

Built in 1815 by C.Edmonds. The east end was added by Arthur Blomfield in a romanesque style in 1879. Apart from the Lady Chapel, containing impressive monuments, this is now separated off from the church as a community centre

clapham_st_paul131114_  clapham_st_paul131114_26
 clapham_st_paul131114_24 clapham_st_paul131114_1
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 clapham_st_paul131114_3  clapham_st_paul131114_4
 clapham_st_paul131114_7  clapham_st_paul131114_9
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Our Immaculate Lady of Victories, Clapham Park Road (Roman Catholic)

Just off Clapham High Street and currently (November 2014) under external restoration. The church was built 1849-51 to designs by William Wardell. In 1886 the Lady Chapel was added against the north aisle by John Francis Bentley, he also added the large aisled North transept in 1892-95. His son Osmund Bentley added the chapel of St Gerald Majella in 1910. An outer south aisle was added in 1928-29 by Bernard Cox.

 ??????????????????????????????? clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_2
 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_31  clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_30
 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_4  clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_23
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 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_14  ???????????????????????????????
 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_12  clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_9
 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_8  clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_10
 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_18  clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_7
 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_15  ???????????????????????????????
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 clapham_immaculate_lady _of_victories131114_28  clapham_our_immaculate_lady_of_victories291114_1

Christ Church, Union Grove, Clapham

A church of 1861-62 by Benjamin Ferrey. The chancel was furnished and decorated in 1867 by G.E. Street. Much of this has been lost but there have been some recent moves to reinstate some of the 19th century decoration.

clapham_christ_church131114_1 clapham_christ_church131114_2
 clapham_christ_church131114_3  clapham_christ_church131114_5

Holy Trinity, Clapham Common

Actually on the Common, It was built in 1774-76 by Kenton Couse. the portico was added in 1812 by F.Hurlbatt and the chancel in 1903 by Beresford Pite.

            clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_21 clapham_holy_trinity131114_3
 clapham_holy_trinity131114_6  ???????????????????????????????
 clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_22  clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_18
 clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_2  clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_13
 clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_15  clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_5
 clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_6  clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_1
 clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_3  clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_9
 clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_4  clapham_common_holy_trinity291114_17

St Peter, Clapham Manor Street, Clapham

Just off the High Street on a very cramped site. It is an early church by J.E.K. Cutts, dating from 1878-84. The chancel and lady chapel were added in 1902 by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts.

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 clapham_st_peter131114_6  clapham_st_peter131114_3

Epiphany Mission, Bedford Road, Clapham (former) now Radiantway Baptist

A mission church around the corner from Clapham North tube station. It was built in 1910, used as a church hall from the 1930s to the 1970s before being sold to the Calvary Impact Church. It is now used by the Radiantway Baptist Church.

clapham_epiphany_mission_church131114_ ???????????????????????????????

St John the Evangelist, Clapham Road, Clapham

Just down the road from St Bede. An impressive but rather run down looking exterior. It was designed by T. Marsh Nelson and built in 1840-42.

 clapham_st_john_the_evangelist131114_7  clapham_st_john_the_evangelist131114_5

St Bede, Clapham Road, Clapham (former)

Built as a church for the deaf by Edward Maufe in 1924. It became a social club run by the Royal Association of Deaf People but was for sale in 2014. A visit in April 2019 shows that it has been bought by the Cherubim and Seraphim Church (upper two images).

clapham_st_bede131114_1  clapham_st_bede131114_2
 clapham_st_bede131114_6  clapham_st_bede131114_7
 clapham_st_bede131114_5  clapham_st_bede131114_4