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St Luke, Chandler Way, North Peckham

A bulky brick building of 1953. The original plan was by A.C. Martin but it was completed by Romilly Craze.


Cathedral of St George, St George’s Road, Southwark (Roman Catholic)

The original building was by A.W.N. Pugin and dated from 1841-48, but was under-financed and never completed to Pugin’s vision. However WW2 brought severe damage leaving only the aisle walls and east end, the rest is a post-war rebuilding by Romilly Craze from 1953 to 1966. Some Pugin fittings survive in the Blessed Sacrament chapel and the Knill chantry is by E.W. Pugin. Craze’s design added a clerestory and a new Lady Chapel.


All Saints, Waltham Avenue, Queensbury

A large church in the middle of 1930s suburbia. It is by Romilly B. Craze and dates from 1954.


St Cuthbert, North Wembley, Carlton Avenue West

A large suburban church, designed by Romilly B. Craze in 1958-59. The hall next door was used as a church prior to the construction of the current building.


St Mary and Archangel Michael, Cranbourne Gardens, Temple Fortune (Coptic)

In suburbia north of the centre of Golders Green. This was built as St Barnabas C of E church in 1915 by J.S. Alder. The chancel and Lady chapel were added in 1932-34 by Ernest Shearman. The nave was rebuilt in 1962 by Romilly B. Craze after war damage. It became a Coptic church in 1996 and this was when the west porch was added. The interior shots appear rather murky owing to the amount of incense coming from a service in the lady Chapel.


St Thomas, Kensal Road, Kensal Town

Built in 1967 and designed by Romilly Craze in replacement of a war damaged church.

 kensal_new_town_st_thomas210416_ kensal_new_town_st_thomas210416_2
 kensal_new_town_st_thomas210416_3  kensal_new_town_st_thomas210416_4

St Mary Abbots, Kensington

Replacing the old church, a large building of 1868-72 by George Gilbert Scott, the tower and spire added 1872-79. The church was bombed in WW2 and received a new ceiling by Romilly Craze in 1955, much of the glass by Clayton & Bell survived although the backgrounds in the aisles and clerestory have been removed.

kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_ kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_23
 kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_24  kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_21
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 kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_19  kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_18
 kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_14  kensington_st_mary_abbots060914_13
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St Thomas, Prince George Avenue, Oakwood

In quiet suburbia, a church of 1939 by Milner & Craze with the west end and tower added in 1965 by William Mulvey. The side chapel window is by Alfred Fisher.

St Peter and St Paul, Ordnance Road, Enfield Lock

Near Enfield Lock station, it is a 1969 replacement by Romilly Craze for a war damaged church. The reredos was designed by William Lethaby and was formerly in the Harrow Mission church which is now a community facility in west London near Ladbroke Grove.

enfield_st_peter_st_paul130613_2  enfield_st_peter_st_paul130613_3