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Chapel, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Holborn

This is the chapel of the world-famous children’s hospital in central London. The chapel was designed by Edward Barry in 1876 as part of the original buildings. It was moved in 1994 to be next to new buildings from 1991-1993. It is richly decorated with marble, alabaster, wall paintings and stained glass by Clayton & Bell, all combine to create a stunning miniature church. It cannot be seen from outside the hospital but is behind and to the left of the main reception.

Gray’s Inn Chapel, Gray’s Inn, Holborn

An insignificant-looking exterior, it was rebuilt by Edward Maufe after WW2 damage. Pre-war glass survives as it was taken out for protection and includes windows by Selwyn Image and Christopher Whall.

Lincoln’s Inn Chapel, Lincoln’s Inn, Holborn

One of the four inns of court. The chapel was rebuilt in 1619-1623 to designs by the mason John Clark. The east window and roof were renewed by James Wyatt in 1795-1796, Samuel Salter reconstructed the roof in 1882 and added the west bay and frontage.

Holy Trinity (Former), Kingsway, Holborn now facade of office development.

Over the road from Holborn tube station this was built in 1909-1911 by Belcher and Joas. It was declared redundant in 1992 and is now merely a frontage to a modern office building.


Christ the King, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury

Built on a Cathedral scale as the greatest Catholic Apostolic Church by Raphael Brandon in 1853. It became the University of London chaplaincy until 1992 and was used only occasionally except for the  small eastern English chapel used by the Anglo-Catholic Forward in Faith group. In 2017 the main body of the church was taken on by an Anglican church plant called Euston Church. The building still belongs to the Catholic Apostolic Church.

holborn_catholic_apostolic_church_gordon_square151211_5  holborn_catholic_apostolic_church_gordon_square151211_
Pictures to the right and below this point are

of the English Chapel which is entered

separately from the church. The three pictures

above show the cloister that connects the two,

although there is no access through due to

locked gates


St Alban, Brooke Street, Holborn

One of William Butterfield’s major works from 1856-62, it was badly war damaged and rebuilt in a simplified design, apart from the tower and west end,  by Adrian Scott 1959-61. The Clergy House remains from Butterfield’s building. The huge mural and Stations of the Cross were painted by Hans Feibusch. The Mackonochie chapel  at the west end was added by C.H.M. Mileham in 1890


St Anselm and St Cecilia, Kingsway, Holborn, WC2A 3JA (Roman Catholic)

Just along Kingsway from Holborn station, it was built in 1908 by F.A. Walters.

holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia_rc151211_  holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_16
 holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_  holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_2
 holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_1  holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_7
 holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_9  holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_8
 holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_12  holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_10
 holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_15  holborn_st_anselm_st_cecilia300916_8

St Etheldreda, Ely Place, Holborn (Roman Catholic)

A 13th century chapel restored in 1874-79 by J Young and 1935 by Giles Gilbert Scott. Prior to its purchase by a Roman catholic Order in 1873 it had been used as a Welsh chapel. The crypt was repaired in 1968-70 by Charles Blakeman. The east window is by Joseph Nuttgens, 1952, the rest by Charles Blakeman 1952-58 (side windows) and  1964 (west window).

 holborn_st_etheldreda_ely_place_rc070115_19  holborn_st_etheldreda_ely_place_rc070115_7
 holborn_st_etheldreda_ely_place_rc070115_20  holborn_st_etheldreda_ely_place_rc070115_22

St George the Martyr, Queen Square, Holborn

Built 1705 by Arthur Tooley, repaired by Nicholas Hawksmoor 1718-20 and gothicized by S.S. Teulon 1867-68. Part is now a cafe so it is accessible daily.

holborn_st_george151211_3 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_32
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_27 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_28
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_31  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_26
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_9  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_25  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_24
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_20  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_23
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_4  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_7
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_17  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_15
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_16  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_21
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_5  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_6
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_11  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_3
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_22  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_14
 holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_19  holborn_st_george_queen_square300916_13

St Giles in the Fields, St Giles High Street, Holborn

Behind Centrepoint, designed 1731-33 by Henry Flitcroft as the west front shows.