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St Barnabas, Churchdown Road, Downham

One of several churches by Sir Charles Nicholson to serve the rapidly growing London County Council estates being built. A hall by him was built in 1926 and served as the church until the actual church was built in 1928.

St John the Baptist, Bromley Road, Southend, Catford

Southend is at the southern end of Catford and this church is on a spacious corner site.  In fact, there are two buildings, the older is a former proprietary chapel of 1824 now used as a hall, and the newer the built part of what would have been a huge building by Sir Charles Nicholson dating from 1928. The nave was only partly built and is finished by a permanent “temporary” wall.  In 1977 a corona was installed in the centre of the church and the chancel screened off as vestries. However, this change has now been reversed and a high altar restored with a traditional eastward alignment. The north chapel is a memorial chapel to the Forster family who owned the land on which the church is built. This includes a very late recumbent effigy tomb to a son killed at the end of the first world war.

All Souls (former), Loudon Road, Swiss Cottage

Near South Hampstead station, this church by J.F. Wadmore from 1864-65, was made redundant in 1985. The west end and south aisle were added in 1904-05 by Nicholson and Corlette. After a period as a Pentecostal church it has now become housing and a day nursery.


St Mary, Hendon Lane, Finchley

At the southern end of Finchley town centre in the area called Church End. Set back from the road, this is a 15th century church at heart. However there is a small amount of evidence of a Norman building, the 19th century saw Newman and Billing add a south aisle, north aisle clerestory and rebuilt arcade in 1872. The next century saw Charles Nicholson add the outer south aisle in 1932. The chancel was badly damaged in WW2 and was rebuilt and extended by Caroe and Partners.


St Andrew, Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley

North of Sundridge Park near the northern edge of the borough. This is a church of 1929 by Sir Charles Nicholson. The north aisle was never built.

bromley_st_andrew040317_25  bromley_st_andrew040317_29
 bromley_st_andrew040317_23  bromley_st_andrew040317_21
 bromley_st_andrew040317_  bromley_st_andrew040317_12
 bromley_st_andrew040317_8  bromley_st_andrew040317_18
 bromley_st_andrew040317_9  bromley_st_andrew040317_5
 bromley_st_andrew040317_2  bromley_st_andrew040317_20
 bromley_st_andrew040317_4  bromley_st_andrew040317_13
 bromley_st_andrew040317_6  bromley_st_andrew040317_3

St Peter, Bishopsford Road, St Helier

A large church serving the northern part of the St Helier estate. It dates from 1932 and was designed by Charles Nicholson.

st_helier_st_peter290115_ st_helier_st_peter290115_1
 st_helier_st_peter290115_5  st_helier_st_peter290115_3

St Lawrence, Bridle Road, Eastcote

The church of a “metroland” suburb. It dates from 1932-33 and is by Sir Charles Nicholson.

eastcote_st_laurence130314_2 eastcote_st_laurence130314_25
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_8  eastcote_st_laurence130314_7
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_3  eastcote_st_laurence130314_6
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_19  eastcote_st_laurence130314_26
 eastcote_st_laurence130314_24  eastcote_st_laurence130314_10

St Matthew, High Street, Yiewsley

Joined to West Drayton, but north of the railway line and firmly in the main shopping area stands this church of two parts. The nave is by Nicholson & Corlette 1897-98, the north aisle was the original church and is by G.G. Scott dating from 1858-59. This aisle is now separated off to form a hall area, with a modern extension and the chancel area forms a small Lady Chapel.

    yiewsley_st_matthew100314_6  yiewsley_st_matthew100314_8
 yiewsley_st_matthew100314_1 yiewsley_st_matthew100314_2

All Saints, Long Lane, Hillingdon

Contemporary with the huge amount of 1930s suburbia in this area of North Hillingdon. The church dates from 1932 and was designed by Sir Charles Nicholson.

hillingdon_all_saints060314_8 hillingdon_all_saints060314_5
 hillingdon_all_saints060314_2  hillingdon_all_saints060314_

St Elisabeth, Wood Lane, Becontree

In the centre of the estate, dating from 1931-32 by Sir Charles Nicholson. I have a full set of interior images but I have been requested, by the churchwardens, not to display them on the web.