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St John the Baptist, Bromley Road, Southend, Catford

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Southend is at the southern end of Catford and this church is on a spacious corner site.  In fact, there are two buildings, the older is a former proprietary chapel of 1824 now used as a hall, and the newer the built part of what would have been a huge building by Sir Charles Nicholson dating from 1928. The nave was only partly built and is finished by a permanent “temporary” wall.  In 1977 a corona was installed in the centre of the church and the chancel screened off as vestries. However, this change has now been reversed and a high altar restored with a traditional eastward alignment. The north chapel is a memorial chapel to the Forster family who owned the land on which the church is built. This includes a very late recumbent effigy tomb to a son killed at the end of the first world war.

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