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St Barnabas, Churchdown Road, Downham

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One of several churches by Sir Charles Nicholson to serve the rapidly growing London County Council estates being built. A hall by him was built in 1926 and served as the church until the actual church was built in 1928.

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  1. Don McLaren says:

    I am currently the Churchwarden for St Barnabas. Thank you for the splendid pictures, and the links to other Nicholson churches. I am re-writing the inventory and terrier, as they are woefully inadequate. The “arts and crafts” detail is more evident when comparing the churches. The builders are Bowman and Sons, who Nicholson used frequently. St Barnabas was built East to West (downhill!), as budgeting was not Nicholson’s strong point. A stepped brick foundation, and stepped dpc, are evident.
    I hope this may be of interest to you. Best regards.

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