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St Peter, Belsize Square, Belsize Park

Built in 1858-59 in a typical London ragstone style by W.Mumford to which J.P. St Aubyn added a chancel porch in 1875.


St Mary, Addington Village Road, Addington Village

The old parish church. It was restored by J.P. St Aubyn in 1876, he also added the north aisle. The chancel and the south aisle are Norman. It is close to Addington Palace and there were many enhancements added as memorials to the 19th century Archbishops of Canterbury who live there. The chancel decoration is particularly striking, as are some of the memorials to Trecothick family


St Nicholas, Church Lane, Tooting

Tooting parish church, close to St Boniface, it sits in a large churchyard. The building is of 1833 by T.W. Atkinson. A chancel was added in 1873-75 and transepts in 1889, both by J.P. St Aybyn. The interior has been subdivided and the chancel, transepts and east end of the nave form the worship space, the rest is hall and offices. There are a few monuments from the older parish church that this building replaced.

    tooting_st_nicholas201216_26 xxtooting_st_nicholas201216_31
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_1  tooting_st_nicholas201216_32
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_33  tooting_st_nicholas201216_2
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_3  tooting_st_nicholas201216_18
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_6  tooting_st_nicholas201216_17
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_21  tooting_st_nicholas201216_19
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_4  tooting_st_nicholas201216_25
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_5  tooting_st_nicholas201216_22
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_11  tooting_st_nicholas201216_8
 tooting_st_nicholas201216_10  tooting_st_nicholas201216_7

St Clement, Treadgold Street, Notting Dale

Not far from Latimer Road tube station. The church dates from 1867-69 and was designed by J.P St Aubyn. The chancel is divided off, but its south aisle is still used as a Lady Chapel. The interior is much more spacious than the exterior suggests.

                     north_kensington_st_clement020616_2 north_kensington_st_clement020616_1
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_6  north_kensington_st_clement020616_4
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_13  north_kensington_st_clement020616_5
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_16  north_kensington_st_clement020616_17
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_14  north_kensington_st_clement020616_12
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_7  north_kensington_st_clement020616_22
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_15  north_kensington_st_clement020616_18
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_3  rnorth_kensington_st_clement020616_20
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_7  north_kensington_st_clement020616_23
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_9  north_kensington_st_clement020616_8
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_19  north_kensington_st_clement020616_21
 north_kensington_st_clement020616_24  north_kensington_st_clement020616_25

St Gabriel, Warwick Square, Pimlico

Built 1851-53 and designed by Thomas Cundy II. The spire was repaired by J.P. St Aubyn 1887-88 and Arthur Baker added outer aisles in 1895-97. The high altar is by John Francis Bentley 1890 and there are many other furnishings by Powells from the late 1890s.

 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_2 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_9
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_11  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_14
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_19  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_16
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_27  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_33
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_37  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_31
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_38  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_30
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_28  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_25
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_22  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_24
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_39  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_42
 pimlico_st_gabriel020515_35  pimlico_st_gabriel020515_17

Christ Church, Victoria Road, Erith

Prominent above the railway cutting east of the town centre in a well wooded churchyard. It was built in 1874 by J.P St Aubyn. The interior is relatively little altered and features a decorative scheme from the early 20th century by Ward & Hughes.


Holy Trinity, Mossford Green, Barkingside

In quite a large churchyard it was designed by Edward Blore 1839-40, with a chancel added by J.P. St Aubyn in 1867. A watercolour in the vestry suggests that N. Cachemaille-Day had prepared plans for a new chancel in 1937 but this did not materialise.

St Andrew, Enfield

Enfield parish church, in the Market Place in a churchyard set back from the main street. It is basically a much restored medieval church with the south aisle rebuilt in  brick in 1824 by W.C. Lochner. Other restorations were carried out by J.P. St. Aubyn in 1866-67 and J.O. Scott in 1908-09


St John the Baptist, Clay Hill

A small chapel on the northern edge of London with open country to most sides. Built by J.P St Aubyn in 1857.

clay_hill_church_enfield310111_2  clay_hill_church_enfield310111_3